My Failures Have Been Connected to My Huge SuccessesOmolara Bankole

Omolara Bankole InterviewSicela usitshele wena, background yakho kanye nezithakazelo….
My name is Omolara Nwakaego Bankole, from Lagos Island (Isale Eko) in Lagos state, I’m the First born of three kids to Dr Solomon Akintola & Mrs Juliana Chioma Faustino-Bankole. My Interest is my Job so it’s safe to say I took on Confuciussaying Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

How easy was starting up?
As a child, I tinkered with knitting wool, paintings and fabrics a lot. It was my hobby, my passion and my way of learning and it played a great role in starting off professionally with beading and bag making with African fabrics which was more so a reproduction of the Hobby so it was everything but difficult. Expanding to events Management and planning had its challenges but also wasn’t particularly difficult because of my handy/creative nature. Kafushane, starting off wasn’t difficult.

Tell us about your business, Old New Borrowed & Blue Company.
Old new borrowed and blue company is an events management company that plans weddings and corporate events, with a team of 4 people. It was created on the 13th of May 2008 but we started operation 2yrs before that. We believe in giving you your style on your budget. It’s important to I and my team that we deliver what our various clients expect from us.

What were your biggest failures and how did they affect your success?
These are the Secrets of Entrepreneurship to be honest, I’ve had failures and I’ve garnered vast lessons from them e.g. (u write one major failure)….Operations are superficial when everything is going great. When push comes to shove, you are stripped down to your soul and making it through at that point requires a strong foundation. If entrepreneurs knew the pro’s and con’s of a business at the beginning of their path to creating value and revenue, many won’t take on the challenge. My failures were usually in the course of an event and luckily for me, thankfully to the nature of my business and early planning, I was able to effect a change /address the issue before the event took place… it’s safe to say my failures have been connected to my Huge Successes!! (It’s brilliant how the Success comes Last though *laughs*)

What did you learn from your failures?
Everything!!!It’s simple, doing the exact same thing and expecting different results is insanity. Once I drop a ball on any aspect of my business, it’s a lesson learnedlike exhibits, they are Marked and I know better than to go that route a second time. A Timeframe for every milestone is very key in the business I do. Seeing as the cooperation of the clients are imperative, I ensure they are educated (especially the brides) on the importance of this and how essential it is in ensuring the BIG DAY is a success

What milestones have you achieved so far?
For me, Milestones are Project/Event Based; for every project I have on my hands, I set Milestones and for the project to be completed, then it means each Milestone has been achieved….therefore, the Event was a Success!

If you are not into event business, what business would you have been doing?
If I wasn’t into the events business I probably would be an artist or making dresses or bags.

What impact have social media had on you personally and business wise?
The effects of the social media on I and my business are intertwined, they have worked hand in hand to my benefit to say the least. Great Publicity, an avenue for Advertisement etc. I have gained friends who have become clients and vice versa. Social media has worked a lot in my favour.

Going forward, what should we expect from you and any announcements or upcoming projects?
As for announcements and upcoming projects, you’ll have to stay glued to updates from Old, New, Borrowed and Blue and Affiliates (isib. All a Bride Needs). The cat I’ll let out of the bag is we’ve got a lot of business plans, ideas and ventures up our sleeves and God willing we intend following them through. So watch out for Bigger, Better and more Beautiful events; By Big, I mean Gracious! So it works for both small and big (in the real sense of the word) events. I look at everyday as a new opportunity to be the very best, I set goals, never say no to challenges and I’m blessed with a team that shares my passion of being on top of everythingTeamwork is very key

Any final advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Hard work is key, love what you do, starting small doesn’t mean you will remain small, look for ways to improve in what you do.

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  3. its always inspirational too see people learning from failure. its a good example

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