GUS8 EPISODE2: Tony almost lost to Sandra

On the final day of episode 2 of GUS8, Sandra was able to solve the puzzle of the Ring of Thor previously discovered by Kikelomo. ‘Thor is a legendary viking adopted into in 1962 with legendary story to boot.

然而, this did not stop the boys from shaking on Sandra. She chose to ignore them and did not fall to their bait rather she cooked for them and they all ate to their satisfaction as a partly of the done provided to them yesterday.


After having fun at hue camp in expense of Sandra, they all proceed to the place where they had their task with Bob as the instructor.

GUS8 EPISODE2: Tony almost lost to Sandra

The task is meant to test their physical strength and their mental alertness. The contestant are to pick for each of them proceed to a starting point where they will find 4 baskets with 4 bundles. They are to pick one bundle each at a time while they cross a pyramid, wall on a beam them climb a wall them to the final destination where they will fix the puzzle that will form the picture of Thor.

Chris took the lead throughout the hand and he won the game by firing it in his first attempt. He was followed by Anthony, who though came last in getting the bundles but like a cat with nine lives beat Tony who came in second from the race.

Then the battle shift to Tony who though came in after Chris and who is usually among the first two to finish had to battle with Sandra to be the 3rd contestant in the rafanne catch to enter the contest of champions. Both Tony and Rampa were so tensed that Sandra thought she got it shiv at first and shouted in victory but she was told to re-do it while Tony struggled to remove a stuck puzzle. In the long run, Tony finished third and screamed at the picture of Thor-‘I will kill you.

Tony was so shaken by this near defeat to the extent that when vex got back to the camp, he started hallucinating that the key to the box of Thor was jinxed.

According to him, ‘the day Kikelomo was evicted she had that key in her pocket and she came in second last. The same thing happened to Chigozie and now him.If they were to evict two people, I would have been on my way homehe said.

‘I don’t like this key, council of elders, take your keyTony lamented at a point and threw it at the fire. ‘let it burnthe others chorus with him. They later dubbed the key ‘second last key.

Meanwhile, Sandra was devastated when she lost that she accu her hands to the protod in defeat. On getting to the camp, the guys carved her name on the tree as was the usual tradition for those that were evicted. On her part, she accepted her date and cooked for the guys.

At the place of the talking drum, Sandra was evicted while Tony, Anthony and Chris proceed to the contest of champions. As reward, Chris was given the Unicorn hornens winning the day’s game while he screamed ‘in your faceat ill fellow contestant and they all laughed.