Idana ode Yiyọ Update: Ile ti Apejọ Ṣeto lati mu pajawiri Pade on Sunday

Nigeria Labour Congress

To avert the oncoming strike mandated by the Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC), on Monday, an emergency session has been called by the members of house of assembly.

The meeting is scheduled to take place by 3pm on Sunday, 8th of January 2012.

The house decided to have an emergency meeting from their recess to discuss the fuel subsidy removal by the president Goodluck Jonathan on the 1st January 2012 and the impending strike by civil society groups to avert collateral damage on the economy.

Nibayi, amidst protest on parts of the country, the industrial court of Nigeria has asked the Nigeria Labour Congress to stop the planned strike.

sibẹsibẹ, the lawyer of the Labour Congress, Mr. Femi Falana has declined that he is yet to receive an induction to that effect.

The NLC and other organised civil society have therefore planned to continue on the planned strike unless the federal government revert the price of petrol to N65.

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