N'ihe ize ndụ-enye Ndụmọdụ, Ubi Analyst na Ahịa Relation uloru ohere na GNI Plc

Vacancy at GNI PLCUkwu Nigeria Insurance Plc, a na-eduga na ike mkpuchi ụlọ ọrụ na arịrịọ ahụ maka ozugbo ọrụ ọhụrụ, uchu, uche n'ihe na-eme gbakwasara ndị na-achọ otu ebe ọrụ na ego nnwere onwe ka ohere iputa ọnọdụ nke ihe ize ndụ advisors, ahịa mmekọrita ọrụ na ahịa uloru.

The principal objective of GNI is to render qualitative insurance and risks management services i.e. Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Special Risks, and other Investment products and services.


Communicating with target audiences and managing client relationships.
Conducting market research such as customer questionnaires and focus groups.
Contributing to, and developing, marketing plans and strategies.
Evaluating marketing campaigns.
Marketing and sales of insurance products.
Supporting the marketing manager and other colleagues.
Performing other duties as required.

Qualifications and Requirements

Minimum of OND.
Must be diligent, responsible and hardworking.
Required Experience: Entry Level

Application Deadline: 25th July, 2014

How to Apply

Send your detailed CV ka jobs@iroy.in
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  1. Dear Talent Manager, i will be glad if my vitae are considered,please and i promise to be faithful and loyal to the organization and will never disappoint the firm.

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