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Make Money as a Paid Freelancer Online


pul ko'p yo'llari freelance sifatida onlayn bor, but the most reliable and most direct methods to make real money as a freelancer are by writing web contents, working as a web graphic designer, website and blog designer, software and web programmer and coder, virtual assistant, language translator, audio transcribers or transcriptionists, and a host of other jobs that could be done remotely via the internet. While it will not be possible to go into full details about the potentials and dynamics in each of these opportunities, we shall still examine the opportunity of making money as a freelance online writer, but you can check out,,, va among others to see the full ambit what to do to make money as a freelancer online. (it must be stated in passing that you’d have to bid against others for project jobs)

men. Types of online freelance writings

How then can you make direct money as a paid online freelance writer? It is direct money because you are paid the instance you complete the writing job and it is accepted by the client. As a starter, you must first understand the various niches and types of web content available for you to write on. The niches to write on are health, travel, texnologiya, ish, internet, family and parenting, and agriculture among several others; and the various kinds of web content available to write are E-books, SEO/UAW/BMR articles, veb-sahifalar, blog posts, forum posts/comments, Matbuot relizlar, product description and product reviews, and academic texts/writings among others. But the most common and easiest to write are SEO articles because they require minimum online research, have more topical assignments, and take less time to write. What then is SEO, and how can you make money writing SEO articles?

ii. SEO article writing

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it method of generating free traffic and achieving page ranking on search engine results (SERP) through optimizing specific keywords for article marketing campaigns. So when you write SEO articles, you write a particular number of words around researched SEO topics, and you feature the target keywords a number of times in your articles an organic result with search engines. Search engines then read the articles first and then bring them up for the attention of human readers when they search for targeted keywords contained in such articles.

iii. Sources of online writing jobs

Bu yerda 3 main sources of online writing jobs: bidding sites, content mills, and private clients. Bidding sites have been mentioned above as,,, va Boshqalar orasida. They accept international writers from all over the world but you have to bid or compete against others for low-paying article jobs that range from $1-$5 for 500-word articles. Content mills are more restricted in accepting international writers and they often don’t, but they pay better like $5-$25 for 500-word articles. Most profitable and high-paying content mills only accept writers from the U.S., or occasionally from the U.K, Australia, Kanada, New Zealand and Ireland, and examples are,,, va among others like You can get private clients through your blogs or websites and through marketing your writing services in your neighbourhood or states, and private clients pay as much as $50-$200 per 500-word articles. Private individuals, small business owners and media prints could be your private clients – but they usually request for blog posts rather than SEO articles.

In other posts, we shall examine other related aspects of making a career and making good money from working online as a freelance writer.

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