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You are about to begin your business, first thing is a business logo; the face of your brand. You got the design, now colour; RED, yes, Red is the best colour if you want attention, 29% of companies use red.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

Red is an exciting colour when used rightly; dramatic, energetic, confident, portrays power and passion and might just be the right spark your business needs. Red is a hot colour of attention, powerful, dynamic, stimulating (ever wondered why food companies use red; because it stimulates hunger) and draws the eyes to it thus should be used minimally. The first thing you want people to notice is your logo; it can say a lot about your business and represents your brand anywhere, Red should create the attention. Red is used best sparingly or as an accent (focus on a particular place), overuse of it is advised against. Red can be combined with other colours and knowing just the right colours to combine with it does the magic. There are different shades of red that can be combined together; crimson red, pure red, indian red e.t.c

1. Combining red in different shades can give a very interesting monochromatic effect. Different shades of red can be combined together but should have contrasting values; one can either be used in its purest form and the other one in tint or shade.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

In this image, I used bright red in its purest form and with a tint of red; soft pink. Red is used as an accent here concentrated on the flower only. This combination works when promoting a female brand, soft pink can be associated with a woman’s blush.

2. Combining red with its complement green automatically balances the intensity of both colours; red is warm while green is cool. I would suggest using both colours different values.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

This colour combination works perfectly well when promoting an organic food brand, green represents freshness and red, well; people need to get hungry to eat. Popular brand using this scheme 7-up

3. Combining red with two other colour; when using a six colour wheel the co colours of red in a triad are yellow and blue but in a twelve colour wheel co colours are orange and yellow. This two set of colours can be combined, the former allows for contrast while the latter allows harmony. Whichever combinations you are using remember to use colours at different values.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

This can work well with kids brand because it’s always colourful.

4. Red can be combined with neutral colours; black, grey, white and brown. Each colour can be used in its true form when using this scheme or they can be used as background colours. Popular brands with this scheme Adobe, Xerox, Toyota, Oracle.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

5. Using neighbours to red on the colour wheel creates a well-blended harmonious effect because colours used along with red usually contain red hue, use with contrasting values.

Making Colour Red Work For Your Business

Here I used bright red in its true form and a tint of orange. Popular brands with this scheme master card, McDonald’s.

6. Red is classified as a primary colour alongside blue and yellow. Red can be combined with any of these colours. Popular brand using this scheme- Shell, Tesco, Lego.

Other ways to combine red; near complementary, complementary triad, split complementary triad, square tetrad, rectangle tetrad, adjacent tetrad, analogous, and complementary analogous scheme. See “More interesting colour schemes". Whichever scheme you decide to use, always remember to use contrasting value for a good design. See range of colour values here Colour Guides

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