Healthy Foods That Are Low In Fat and Calories

Cutting down on calories and fat is the key factor for weight loss. It doesn’t mean that you skip your meal or stay away from the nutritious food. To cut calories mean that you have to replace some high calorie food with the lower ones that can satisfy your appetite. In short, it means that you should include the food in your diet that contains lots of fiber and water in them. Below are some foods which you can try to lower down calories and fat that also offer healthy diet in your routine.

Healthy Foods

1. Fat-Free Cream Cheese
This food includes 200 calories. Now you don’t need to add eggs and bacon in your daily food. Instead take a delicious and healthy diet with regular cream cheese that includes 40 grams of fat per teaspoon. You can surely add this fat free alternative in your daily diet.

2. Fruits and Veggies
Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits includes low calorie that keep you fill for long. However it also depends on the way you make it. Frying and breading with butter or high fat creams in vegetables will add up extra fat and calories. Instead you can steam the vegetables and use spice with some low fat sauces for additional flavor. Try eating raw fruits and enjoy its natural sweetness. This is the best food that you can intake with less calories and fats.

3. Oatmeal with Raisins
Such type of food includes 170 calories. Usually people add milk to oatmeal, but if you add slim milk or water, it is considered as healthier. You can digest oatmeal easily and boost up your energy. It is also considered as great pre workout food as it is not so heavy for your stomach. The best part of having this food is that it contains slow carbs.

4. Fat free Beverages
There are many beverages that are rich in fat. Even if you drink beverages it will not keep you feel full. Hence select the drinks that don’t include calories like water, unsweetened iced tea or sparkling water. Try drinking low fat milk rather than whole milk.

5. Sandwiches
In your lunch you can add sandwiches as it does not include much fats and calories. Another benefit of such food is that it doesn’t take much time to get prepared and can make you feel full. You can also add ingredients of your choice easily or modify the prepared one according to your choice. It is easy to cook and does not need any instruction. Sandwiches like tuna sandwich include 290 calories whereas smoked chicken sandwich includes 240 calories which are quiet acceptable in healthy diet.

In your healthy diet you should also include food like
1. Whole grains, fruits, fat free or low-fat milk, vegetables and milk products.
2. Beans, lean meats, nuts, poultry, eggs and fish

You are advised to avoid food that includes cholesterol, Trans fats, added sugars, or saturated fats. Many people skip the plan of weight loss because they feel hungry due to eating less. However there is another way. Instead of eating less or skipping meals, you can lose weight by in taking less calories food and maintaining adequate nutrient intake with proper exercise every day.

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