Exclusive Interview with Awomoyi Tosin, Chief Aquarist, Tosino Fisheries

Awomoyi Tosin JamesTafadhali tueleze kuhusu wewe mwenyewe, background wako na maslahi…
My name is Awomoyi Tosin James and I am an aquarist. I am from Oye Local Government in Ekiti State and I’m the fourth of the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Awomoyi. I had my primary education at Bafom International School, Akute, secondary education at Command Day Secondary School, Abuja and my tertiary education at the School of Oceanography, Victoria Island Lagos where I studied Fisheries Technology.

Jinsi rahisi ni kuanzia up?
It wasn’t easy starting up, lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns but all glory to God.

Tueleze kuhusu biashara yako, Tosino Fisheries.
Tosino Fisheries a.k.a fishfull thinking started in 2008 after my National Diploma programme. It entails aquarium and pond construction, supply of tropical and indigenous fish ranging from Gold fish, Angel fish, Carp….alongside fresh and smoked fish supply.
We also train people on catfish seed production (spawning) and management of other cultivable fish species such as Tilapia, Carp, Heterotis e.t.c. I do aquarium exhibition for schools and offices to mark memorable day such as graduation/promotion and end of year party.

Tosino Fisheries.

You mentioned construction of Aquarium as part of your services. Could you tell us the benefits of having one?
Aquarium have lots of health benefits which includes, its ability to help control pulse rate, aquarium help to reduce stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure, it serves as a diversionary tactics to steer children from their hyperactive activities because the aquarium calms them. It is also believed that fish have a high degree to consume negative energy and give a calming effect. One other major advantage of having an aquarium is to deviate the jinx of a visitor from the entire home to the aquarium.

Nini ilikuwa kushindwa kwenu na jinsi gani wao kuathiri mafanikio yako?
My biggest failure was when I wasn’t there for one of my client who was interested in a marine aquarium.

Umejifunza nini kutokana na kushindwa yako?
I have learnt to have a substitute on ground when am not there.

Nini mambo muhimu na wewe mafanikio hadi sasa?
The milestones so far are collaboration with marine architecture in United Kingdom to construct a 4000litres marine aquarium in 2012, in June 2013 commendation award from NYSC/ State Of Osun in recognition of my meritorious service to the state and I’m nominated for an award of excellence come November 2013 by the Fisheries Society of Nigeria for my contribution towards development of fisheries in Nigeria.

4000litres marine aquarium

If you are not into this business, what would you have been doing?
I would have been a computer engineer.

What impact have social media had on your business marketing?
Social media have help to create lots of awareness on what I’m doing and enabled me meet clients directly to provide what they want.

Kwenda mbele, what should we expect from you and any announcements or upcoming projects/services/products?
Hivi sasa, I’m working towards collaborating with local, multi-national companies, investors, States and Federal Government to have a fish museum in Nigeria, comprising of fresh, marine and estuaries water animals.

Ushauri wowote mwisho kwa budding wajasiriamali?
My advice for them is to keep the courage up despite all odds, in the beginning it’s usually rough and rugged, but in due time things get easy.

How can we contact you if your services are needed?
Tosino Fisheries
Email: awomoyitosinj@yahoo.com
Tel: 07065304084, 07059610628

Tosino Fisheries.

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