Nkpọrọ olu (Uri)

By Chuks Chukwu. A arịrịọ maka Girl-Child ikike.

Ngwangwa ke agha oge.
Ngwangwa n'udo oge.
Imebi site ara ndị na-ndina n'ike.
Emegbu site Draconian iwu na atumatu.
N'agbụ nke a Girl-Child!

Ọṅụ nke isi zuru okè nne na nna,
And treated as Queen by same,
And valued as Gem by same.
Treated like a plaque by idiotic parents.
Sold out in monitory values by ‘animals’!
In the name of marriage!
Fight for her hand in marriage by imbeciles!

No one can comprehend,
No one can understand,
What a normal/sane man is looking for,
What he is truly looking for her perineum.
In the perineum of a Girl-Child!
I’m puzzled by the fun a sane man derives,
The fun he derives in the perineum of a Girl-Child!
A Girl-Child perineum is delicate and immature!

A Girl-Child is devastated with pregnancy.
She is racked and traumatized with marriage.
But she’s empowered with education.
She’s destroyed with a man’s pen, the penis.
But made a conqueror with the powers of the pen,
And books of knowledge!
Train a Girl-Child; a Nation is established.
Give her marriage; a Nation will groan and stunt in pains!

Dedicated to my mother; Chioma Adeline NJOKU and all mothers who ll never give out their Gem in marriage as a child, but educate her for a more beautiful future!

-Akpa na-ekwu okwu on "Nkpọrọ olu (Uri)"

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