“The Eden Before Us”

No, the title does not depict a Nollywood/Bollywood/Hollywood movie you love to watch, its MORE interesting and educating than all put together!

“The Eden Before Us” is the theme of a wide life metal-morphosis sculptures exhibition by award winning artist- Akeem A Muraina.

The exhibition is scheduled to hold from October 1st – 7th 2012 at the National Museum of Art and Monuments, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria from 9am – 5pm daily and we at Iroyin would be there live to cover the event.

The Eden Before Us
The exhibition is FREE of charge to attend and you are also FREE to buy/order any of the sculpture(s) on display to be delivered to you.

Don’t Miss the opportunity to see/learn/gain from The Beauty in the Waste.

For more information/sponsorship, contact Akeem on 08033245929


Below is a copy of the artist’s statement

“The Eden Before Us”

The theme of this exhibition as plainly as it suggested refers to the pure state of planet earth before the advent of the man species, respecting the planets/vegetations and the animals, the aftermath of man’s incursion; his misplaced priorities, the pollutions, the decay and the prompt need to re-create the once haven of the mother earth.

The focus here is on the smallest unit of the marauders, which is one-person i.e, the individuals in you and me. Hopping that this would not only generate a conscious sanity in self but also in relative relations to others in the environment that envelopes our existences.

Therefore, the advice to learn from the animal species, which is the peculiar content of this exhibit, became one of the paramount corrective measures. It is quite important to pay attention, to listen and to see with the childhood’s innocence and sincerity before the adulthood’s adulterated experiences. Thus the Almighty, the Beneficent has spoken through the scriptures…  “go ye and learn from the ant…” to correct our maladies when we had failed our prophets. This remedy though may be a bitter potion but this is by which the physician within us will heal the self-inflicted pain.

Hence, the highpoint of this exhibition the metalmorphosis animal sculptures is the interaction between the viewer and the constructed animals sculptures made mainly from broken/ discarded mechanical machine parts: viz their curiosity, the discovery and the excitement when they discover the “life” between the ‘dead’ discarded metal junks and the ‘Living’ dynamic animal sculptures it gave birth to which by then enjoys an elevated status of been a connoisseurs collection.

This by extension would exert a subtle pressure on the need to pay significant attention of care & sharing to those that life situation has made hopeless, Inmates of the motherless, the juvenile/ reprimand homes, ably here represented by the pick-up metal junks and to whom certain percentage of the proceeds from this show will be donated… The fortunate one should readily supports the less privilege to bring forth a glow their buried/ hidden ingenuity to the grace of humanity, then the treasures of our infinite depth with be revealed onto our eyes.

Furthermore, such amusing satirical titles that tends to give human behavioural whim and pranks to the supposed ‘worthless’ animal like ‘Ab’oja gbooro’ (baby friendly) – KANGAROO, is to prop our women who suddenly become so carrier driven to the neglect of their motherhood’s duty post, the womb of blissful treasures thus collapsing a virile home culture…while ‘Olofofo yera’(off satellite) 2 GIRAFFE conspiring an exploit is to discourage unnecessary small side talks, which may be lead to suspicions and unnecessary bloodshed.

And the “Adigboluja” (Abraham’s ram) is to encourage us to face whatever situation with bravery and to surmount the assailant with a perfect victory…

All of these and more are meant to redirect man’s conscious self from the prevailing irate mad rush for material wealth when the spiritual suffers… or why would individuals be competing in building houses in tens to encage his body knowing fully well that the body’s utmost bed is 6ft by something beneath the earth’s surface and a relics for the ants… or of perverted justices when laws are made to gag the poor while the riches and the wicked are looting in billions and trillions (‘wobia’ scavenger – wild boar) knowing fully well that the stomach only need 1/3 of its capacity each for food, water, and air…but rather ‘pompous diet, a sick heart and a sick bed is always the most hunted and the most purchase, sickening the earth…

Let’s give the earth her green that we may shade under her canopy, that warmth from her bosom may once again radiate a fresh energy of purposeful purpose from within us to be able to truly recreate the desired blissful threshold of our haven.

Various people have written about this exhibition. One of them is Dr. Adémúlèyá Babásèhìndé A. (Ph. D) of Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Obáfémi Awólówò University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Click the link to read his write-up titled The Beauty in the Waste: An Analysis of Muraina Akeem’s “Metal-Morphosis”


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