NBC set Nigeria to move to Digital broadcasting by June 2015

NBC set Nigeria to move to Digital broadcasting

Mr. Yomi Bolarinwa, Director General, National Broadcasting Commission

The world broadcasting system has been changing from the analogue system of broadcasting to the digitization, the changing began all over the UK in 2011 which was done region by region, and London finally changes around May 2012.

Nigeria had previously set at target for the digitization around June 17 2012 but the date was shifted because it is seen all over that the broadcasting Industry is not prepared at all for the digitization to kick off.

The new date has been issued by the NBCNigeria Broadcasting Commission where he is assuring the whole nation that Nigeria will achieve the digitization by June 17 2015.

Speaking at a conference organized by the body controlling the forth coming Africa Broadcasting Conference (Africast 2012), DG NBC, Mr Yomi Bolarinwa, gave an assurance that the digitization move will be achieved by this date.

The move was proposed by the ITUInternational Telecommunication Union in 2006 when it set a targeted deadline for the world to transform from analogue mode of broadcasting to digital.

By this date and after, analogue TV receivers will no longer receive signals because the broadcasting stations will be transmitting on digital, except if the receivers had gotten a Set-Top Box.

All section of the broadcasting value chain will be affected by this digitization such as; transmission, reception, and content production, as it will cost them a technical upgrade that will support the digital broadcast.

Bolarinwa assured that Nigeria is going to bit the ITU deadline adding that the Africast 2012 is taken place when the nation is seriously preparing for the switch from analogue to digital terrestrial TV broadcast.

As he spoke along, he said explaining that content is king in the broadcasting industry, digitization will be about quality content.

In his final statement, he said that Mr Labaran Maku, the Hon Minister of Information would soon inaugurate the committee that will take over oversee the move from analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial broadcasting.

But in my own opinion, I do believe Nigeria can even get there before the speculated time with the rate at which everything is changing throughout the world.

US and other European countries have made the move and there’s nothing stopping us from doing the same anytime soon.
What do you have to say about digitalization of our local TV broadcasting, do you think it will help Nigerians live a better life? Please share your opinions and suggestions for success.

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  1. Digital broadcasting is good but the problem is that nothing works in Nigeria if when it working for other countries.

  2. The migration from analogue to digital broadcasting, is a very interesting prospect for the information based society. எனினும், the question that continually plague my mind is, are we really prepared for this migration in terms of policy, provision of set-top boxes to aid reception of digital transmission and reception? தி “West”, may have successfully switched over, but is Africa prepared for this? How many Nigerian’s are even aware of this ultimatum? I would want to think that our government, should start by making policies about the new venture, as it affects stakeholders, content, and the place of consumers in this modern age.
    The economic implications of this change, should also be considered. By this I mean that the benefits of acquiring this new technology, should out-weigh the cost implications of purchasing it else, it will amount to serious financial issues for a country that is still yet to be fully developed. The government could consider some sort of subsidy on these boxes, or encourage local manufacturing of the boxes, or a complete removal of taxes on imported boxes.
    Purchasing, or manufacturing a set-top box that will aid transmission, and reception of content, should also have an inbuilt path way, that encourages audience interactivity. Anything short of this, will further widen the knowledge or information gap of individuals in society which originally, it is meant to bridge.
    I would recommend that the Nigerian government, carefully consider her options before joining her counterparts in other parts of the world in this move, not as a band-wagon follower, but because of the sincere concern to meet the information needs of her people.

  3. digital broadcasting is what we can do, just that it has to a gradual process-as Nigeria is a developing nation


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