How to Choose a Mentor That Motivates You to Win

Choose a Mentor That Motivates You to WinEveryone needs mentoring, because everyone still needs to learn something. If you are going into a particular business but lacks the will-power to venture into it, you might need to see if you have a hero in that line of business or if you could be mentored right into succeeding at it. Teachers abound everywhere, but not mentors. Teachers teach theories but mentors take you by the hand and teach you practical application of things. For you to succeed in any business, you must look out for someone who has succeeded in the same business and learn from him. It would be much better if the person can take you under his wing and mentor you to success, but you sure need the motivation of a mentor.

One of the ways to choose a mentor is by looking for someone who has succeeded in your desired line of business as had been earlier stated, but you must also ensure that such persons have your good at heart and would not consider you a business threat to their own success. A good mentor should be able to have time to teach you the nitty-gritty of the business and likely challenges you might face. Remember Poor Dad, Rich Dad? Or do you remember The Richest Man in Babylon? They both have mentors that seat them down to analyze business issues with them and set them on courses where they themselves had learnt to succeed.

Your business mentor must also be able to help you with his resources and connections. You sure need business resources, tools and connections to be able to stand on your feet. You need the supports of someone who’s been there, and it would help a great deal if you could have supports and resources of someone who has your good at heart. Meanwhile, you should bear at the back of your mind that it might not work this way with your particular mentor, because he might have a different idea about raising his resources and connections for you, but he must still be able to set you on the path to reaching your goals with minimal efforts.

Your mentor could be anybody, and not necessarily a role model. Most role models do not quality as mentors because of the glamour and the demands of their positions, but you sure need someone who could have time for you at least two a week. Your mentor must be able to review your business model and review your strategies to see what is working and what is not, and then design plans for you to ensure that you get there. Having personal time with you is of the essence, and what is the use of a role model that you always see on TV screens for your business. It is even best to have a mentor that is commercially or residentially close to you, and whom you can gain access to anytime you encounter conflicts in your business ventures. Do not forget you must learn and apply everything with humility and due diligence, while exercising personal and business disciplines all the way to your success on the path of your mentor.

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