How to Make Money on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, jsb

How to Make Money on Facebook, Google+, and TwitterThe first question to ask here is: how many friends do you have on Facebook? How many followers do you have on Twitter, and how many do you have on your Google+ circles? It should not surprise you that many Nigerians have as much as 5,000+ friends on their Facebook profiles, and they have hundreds of others on other social media. If you have never really considered how to utilize these social media connections to better your life entrepreneurially apart from useless chats and love advances, then sorry, but you deserve to remain poor?

Do you realize that while you idle away and spend hours chatting or making romantic advances or even uploading fancy photos and making useless comments on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook is making millions off you by the minutes? The young fellow is now worth $6 billion and rising! How then can you make money on your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other mobile media like Eskimi among others?

a. Free traffic: While many online businesses pay a lot of money to direct traffic to their sites through paid advertising, SEO strategies and article marketing among others, you could easily direct all those friends and followers or circles on your social media networks to your blogs or websites where you present them with your products and services. Imagine having a combined network of 10,000 personal acquaintances on all the social media networks, and each of your friends and acquaintances having a further 1,000 friends within their own network of friends. Can you imagine marketing your products and services to them all when you direct them to your personal blogs and product sites? How do you do this?

abdi. Create social media network links on your blogs and sites, and share any content you publish on your blog or site to your social media networks. These shared posts will appear as links in your social media posts, and when people “like” or “share” or “retweet” them, the message about your blog or products spreads through viral marketing and people follow the links back to your sitethereby generating free traffic and product sales.

ii. You could create a business page for your product and company on Facebook and other social media networks. A business page gives credibility to your business and it allows you to personally know your customers and potential customers, and also address their queries and concerns through your business page. Don’t forget you could use this platform to ask prospective customers what they desire to have, and then create a unique product for them based on what products they are looking to have.

b. Increased sales: You could manage your posts and comments on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter or Google+ in a way that tell people what you do, with links back to your site as if you’re helping them to know more or locate a source of a product they desire. Post links to your affiliate products and the urls of your online products for people on your social media networks, and you’ll find them sharing, liking, retweeting these posts and links to generate more publicity and sales for your products.

c. Potential customers: Every friend of your friends on any social networks is your potential customer. Don’t forget that these social networks usually suggest “friends” and “people you might know” to you, all these and their own network friends are your potential customers and you could make huge business sales by directing them to your sites or by creating special products for them and marketing directly to them.

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