GUS8 Episode 2: Marywealth and Kikelomo bows out

Following the eviction of Goodluck Ohio aliasmopo, kikelomo Ibitoye and Marywealth Ohwhonda both join their fellow comrade of ‘evictedsas the Gulder Ultimate search proceeds.

In yesterday’s task, the contestants were made to crossover three quick hurdles by jumping through the first one, crawling under the second one and jumping over the third one before going under the net create towards a slope that leads to a steam of water beside which they will pick some oranges.

In all, the contestant were told to pick 15 Oranges each back to their starting point where they have been provided with a net in form of a basketball net. They have to hop and fill it in while making the journey back and forth in the same way as many times as they like.

The game was indeed a tiring one as the contestant were slowing down during the game. “I feel like I have played 90 minutes of football game with no half-time”, Chris said after the game.

Marywealth and Kikelomo bows out

Eventually, Tony finished first followed by Chris who actually had a good start. Anthony finished third followed by Sandra as the 4th and 1st lady to finish the game. Chigozie finished after her followed by Theodora then Kike and finally Marywealth.

Kikelomo cried after the game as she was disappointed in herself. She blamed it on the bruises she sustained and the fact that she picked two oranges for starters.

On getting back to the camp, Marywealth found a box on her way from the stream. She took it to the camp and the contestants took turn in trying to open the box with the key found in a previous puzzle. Kikelomo eventually opened it and four rings of gold and silver chain were found in it even though the contestants were unable to solve the puzzle.

Also at the camp yesterday, in the hope of absorbing his guilt Anthony confessed to taking some garri without the knowledge of others. Instead of the forgiveness he expected he was suprised that not everyone is in a forgiving mood, as some contestant especially Chris accused him of not saying the whole truth of taking small garri.

Kikelomo and Marywealth were eventually evicted from the game at the place of the talking drum.
On that note, do join us as we bring more updates on the Contest of Champions in Batch B show.

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