E Mopresidente Igbo: E Marketing ena taba ke tšenyo ea nako? (4)

Karolong ena ho etsa qeto ea a nyehelo ea, kamoo loketse khopolo ea khetha mopresidente Nigeria latelang ya (based purely on being an Igbo person)fits into the ‘mold’ of a concept which could form an object of marketing, more highlights here further favour readers’ evaluation of its feasibility. This writer’s stance on the subject sums it up, and is purely reflective of professional (and not political) consideration. This is a four part article, endeavour to read part one, part two, part three, le part four

An Igbo President

I urge readers’ consideration to these questions, on reasoning about marketing the concept, “an Igbo president”, being a waste of time or not:

  • Looking at the practicability of a constitutional amendment or another Constitution coming into existence (as being proposed in several quarters) where zoning of the presidency is enshrined, must the South East geo-political zone (homogenously Igbo) take the first shot?
  • If a political party opts for comprising a platform for fielding an Igbo presidential candidate, how realistic is it for all other political parties to do likewise during the same election, without a rephrasing of the Constitution?
  • Going by the current trend in Nigerian politics, is it not a tall order to have a candidate that will be endorsed by all the political parties?
  • Will the adoption of this concept (and making for rotating the presidency on ethnic basis) not herald propagation of ethnic politics within a democratic setup?
  • As regards candidate’s approach to governance, would the objective of a candidate who emerges through this concept, not portray an ‘Igbo vision’ rather than national ideas?
  • As Nigerians fervently crave for a President that will sincerely fight corruption; create jobs; ensure justice; end impunity, among numerous other problems facing the country, can “Ndigbo” truthfully present a candidate (with a national appeal) who fits into this model?

Looking at this dictionary definition of marketing“The business activity of presenting products or services in such a way as to make them desirable” – one can easily derive how this concept fits into marketing also. This definition is quite apt considering the place of ideas or concepts in this regard. With variables stated in this argument, of disunity among “Ndigbo”; the perceived position of the incumbent president; difficulty of raising a nationally acceptable candidate; what the intended constitutional review may likely throw up; coupled with the questions raised above, one major question comes to mindWhere lies the desirability (of this concept) among the entire nationalities that make up Nigeria? Ka mantsoe a mang, if not among “Ndigbo” who says it ‘sells’ among other Nigerians?

In marketing, what a product or concept is comprised of is better projected as an entity or unit. Considering all outlined here, even someone I regard as an authority in marketing and always looked upon as a mentor in the field, Philip Kotler, would agree with me that any attempt at subjecting the concept of “an Igbo president” (as being proposed) to the principles of marketing could be equated to ‘holding on to smoke’ – It will amount to a complete waste of time. This is without prejudice to an Igbo person becoming the President of Nigeria through other means, and not by way of what this topic mirrors. A Nigerian president of Igbo extraction, not an Igbo president will be more achievable, from a marketing standpoint.

While I hope not to be misconstrued as ‘trumpeting’ the views of any political group (belonging or identifying with any presently is not even near my list of priorities), as a strategist in my renowned field may I suggest that for those who desire the concept of an Igbo President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to become a reality, their efforts should be fine-tuned towards upholding these two approaches, as panaceas for the achievement of their strenuous objective:

A new Constitution or review of the current one
Amidst fast declining confidence in several quarters on the ability of the present dispensation to address the escalating problems facing Nigeria, “Ndigbo” desirous of an Igbo president can have their way if the growing call for a National Conference becomes a reality. Where the request for such a summit becomes a reality, and the issue of headship of the country’s government being zoned periodically to any of the six geo-political zones along the country’s North and South axis holds, promoters of “an Igbo president” could heave a sigh of relief from achieving their desire from this angle. The same holds for the ongoing efforts of the National Assembly (NASS) at amending the 1999 Constitution, if concluded successfully along the line of objectively rotating (zoning) of strategic elective positions accordingly (though I am skeptical about this NASS’s endeavour).

As an advocate of the retention of the existing two terms (of four years each) tenure for the office of the President, the idea of rotating this office (with electioneering for the post occurring only among candidates of the allotted zone during related elections) inculcates a sense of belonging and national acceptability among Nigerians. If adopted, “Ndigbo” will surely benefit from such.

Allying with the North for 2015
Another way out for protagonists of this concept to have their way is through ‘throwing’ their support in favour of candidate(Ho S) of northern extraction for the post of this country’s president come the next presidential election in 2015. To my mind, the North was clearly short-changed over this number one position during the last election, and ‘non-completion’ of late Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua’s presidency. Through implementing such appointment along North and South axis an impartial chance for peace to reign in Nigeria will emerge. I am convinced that each section can boast of a perfect material that can canvass for this position. Movers of this concept should realise that upholding whatever agreement with the incumbent President at this time likely conforms with the adage, “grabbing the gecko by the tail”. With support for a northern candidate come 2015 presidential election, “Ndigbo” are assured of having their turn even ‘on a platter of goldthereafter.

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