Sida loo sameeyo Khayr Xaaladaha

CircumstancesWho today finds his lot in life to be absolutely ideal? Hardly anyone! No doubt, all of us have to put up with certain hardships or annoyances. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, under present imperfect conditions why not try to make the best of your circumstances? If you do, you will have many blessings to count.

Do you happen to be a housewife with a family, perhaps a large one? Do you at times feel discontented, bored or a little frustrated? There may be stacks of dishes to wash, a large hamper of dirty clothes to be laundered, or a number of rooms that need cleaning. Why not look at things positively? Do not these very things indicate that your family have enough to eat, have sufficient clothing and a roof over their heads? Which is better, your situation or that of the millions who are hungry, half naked and homeless?

Perhaps your circumstances are such that you have to be extremely frugal in all that you buy. Why not view this as a challenge to your ingenuity to make the best of matters? There was a housewife who in later years of prosperity said that her happiest days were during the hard times of the Depression because of the pleasure that came from making the best possible use of everything to make ends meet. Besides, did you know that a great many of the modern degenerative diseases are rather closely associated with prosperous living?

Or are you the victim of compulsory retirement, having become sixty-five years or older? Do the days now seem long and drawn out, affecting not only your mental disposition but also your health? In this situation take a positive outlook and try to be helpful to others. As one textbook for the treatment of the aged and handicapped put it: “There is a legend that an old man will starve to death if he doesn’t have someone to cook for him and an old woman will starve to death if she doesn’t have someone to cook for. This is a truism that is generally accepted.” So there are plenty of people who could benefit from your help.

Now as a senior citizen it may be the time to take up one or more hobbies to give added zest to living. It could be photography or learning to play some musical instrument or learning some foreign language. Or you might find interest in growing plants, such as a bonsai garden or African violets. Then again, your temperament might fit you to make things of wood, leather or metal, or to write poetry or articles. Such hobbies have added not only interest but also income for many an elderly man or woman.

Or perhaps you are a breadwinner for a family but are at present out of work. Surely this is a trying circumstance in which to find yourself. Yet even here you will not improve your situation by surrendering to negative thinking and becoming bitter or morose. Take the wise course: count and appreciate your blessings. If you have a measure of health and strength, you can be thankful for these things. To the extent that you have loved ones, you have reasons to be thankful, for are they not priceless treasures? Do you have unemployment insurance, Social Security, savings or some other form of assistance? If so, be appreciative of such provisions.

Learn to make the best of your circumstances. Obviously there is a limit to the time you can spend looking for work. But is it not true that while you were fully employed there were ever so many things that needed to be done around the home and for which you did not have the time? Now you do have the time; take an interest in doing them.

Because of your unemployment you may now have time to do more reading, the kind that is not only interesting but also educational. You may now be able to acquire skills that might even serve you in getting a better job.

Or are you physically handicapped? Then take a lesson from a certain Californian, a father of seven children. He got an infection that completely paralyzed all four of his limbs, making him a quadriplegic. Though he has been in this condition now for more than thirteen years, he is the most cheerful, optimistic and outgoing person you could want to meet. Unable to use anything but his mind and his voice, he has joined a correspondence club and corresponds with people all over the world by means of tape recordings, his children changing the tapes for him. He also makes recordings for blind friends and acquaintances.” His experience calls to mind the old saying, ‘I complained about having no shoes until I met the man who had no feet.’

Make sure you make a good use of your circumstances and have in mind that circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him!”

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