Nigerian Photographers, Would You Do This for N100m Cash?

These terrifying pictures were taken by an Australian photographer- Sam Cahir who refused to panic during the real-life Jaws scenariogetting in the water with his camera to capture these incredible shots.

He was circled by the hungry shark for two hours!

Zdaj, to my Naija photographers, how much would you charge for these shots?

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3 Komentarji na "Nigerian Photographers, Would You Do This for N100m Cash?"

  1. Sure, I can do this. But I’ll charge N500M only!

  2. Suhaib@NMD India | februar 5, 2013 pri 1:34 pm | Odgovori

    Wow.. now this seems scary.. But I will surely do it if i get N100m..

    p.s. to show appreciation for your efforts in making this post.. i just tweeted, shared on fb and +1 je… 😉

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