Intervju z Ahmad Mukoshy & Yarnable Ustanovitelj

Interview with Ahmad MukoshyPlease tell us about yourself, your background and interests.
My name is Ahmad Mukoshy, born, raised and living in Sokoto. I am a web developer and entrepreneur in the making, curious about internet startups. I am a 2nd class Graduate of Physics from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. I am the founder and CEO of Aimtech Hosting Company.

I’ve also built a couple of startups that have seen sunrise and I’ve also participated in building a few more in collaboration with others.

I’m 21yrs old and hoping to find what being successful is before I turn 30.

When I am not working, I love reading business and tech blogs, learning something new and hanging around Twitter in Google+.

I love listening to music and watching animated movies.

How easy was starting up?
I could say it was a bit easy, because it was something that I loved ever since childhood. I loved computer at tender age, started Aimtech when I was 17 and even before Aimtech I have done a lot of doodling as well.

We had a computer in my house since when I was in primary school and I got online at about age 14 while in junior secondary school doing emails and yahoo chat in those days.
I picked interest in web development thereafter.

The uneasy part was the challenges I had along the way, starting a company while in school, managing customers and lectures, improving sales and grades was never easy for me. I’ve also had difficulties at home, when my parents didn’t like me hanging on a computer.

As much as I loved what I was doing, it was tough starting up.

What were your biggest failures and how did they affect your success?
My biggest failure was mismanagement of funds. I am not sure if every entrepreneur experience such once in their early days. But I squandered cash, didn’t care about profit/loss margins, I was young and silly.

I nearly crashed my business in 2008, but I later studied much about business and funds management, struggled so hard in 2009 to restore my company back to its feet which I did even before 2010.

What did you learn from your failures?
I learn that making 1Million Naira could be attractive, but the truth is keeping 1Million and making 50Million is even cooler. In a nutshell money is just a measure of calculating the level of success not success in its self.

I learn that; when everything seems to be going smoothly, something is going wrong somewhere somehow. So I always find a way to improve on something, I learn to innovate; progress and improve, not every year; I mean every day.

As a curious web Developer and Entrepreneur, what milestones have you achieved so far?
I won’t say I have achieved a lot, but I have done a couple of things.

I built Yarnable and sold it for a few thousand dollars, within the same year; I also built which happens to be the first Nigerian URL shortner, covered by a few tech blogs and used by local and international sites via its API.

Then I’ve also grown Aimtech Hosting Co. from 0 za 500 happy customers, it was a great experience building such a business from teen age to adulthood.

If you are not doing web business, what business would you have been doing?
I am not sure; maybe I would be selling Akara. Wait a minute! Sincerely I am not sure but running a refreshment center catches my eye, I may also jump to a VoIP company or open a shopping complex.

Who knows I may still do some offline businesses in the future, because I love that too.

What impact have social media had on you personally and business wise?
I’m very active on social networks, Facebook, Twitter in Google+ have all been a sharing, learning and communicating tools for me. I once wrote a post on my blog, about What Social Networks Are To Me, the satisfaction I get from them.

They allow me do more work, while following what is going on with my friends and poke them once in a while. They also allow me interact socially with my customers and provide them with friendly support.

If you see @Aimtech on twitter, the timeline has lots of conversations with customers.

Going forward, what should we expect from you and any announcements or upcoming projects?
I don’t do future plan announcements any more but I am sure I will be say something on my Tweets in Google+ profile, these two are good places to catch up on what I am doing.

Any final advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Do not wait, there will never be a perfect time to do anything. Do as much of implementation as you will on planning, if you could quit thinking and start doing; you will run circles around your dreams. Donald Trump once wrote; if your reality begins with your dreams; your dreams become your reality.

Prav tako, remember that nothing is impossible. To me, impossible is simply I’MPossible. Nelson Mandela also once said; “Everything will seem impossible, until that moment when someone else does it”. That means nothing is impossible!

Whatever you think, write it down, Brian Tracy says it best “Think on Paper!” It will help you in a lot of ways, making it easier for you to achieve your dreams.

Hvala, it was great having this conversation with you.
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  1. Hvala, It was my pleasure.

  2. Great one from my buddy and business partner

  3. wow! I am challenged. This guy will go places!

  4. wow.. nice one bro, just keep on moving and i wish you success in all what you are going through.

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