People Need a Sound Guide

People Need a Sound GuideTravelers know the value of dependable maps. Repairmen may consult manuals before undertaking a particular job. Even experienced cooks may use others’ recipes. Regardless of what activity a person might pursue, he will likely benefit from some kind of guide.

In caring for daily matters of life, people often rely on past experience and training. Then, too, a person may prepare ahead of time for various situations that he may have to face. A traveler, for example, can read, talk to others and then decide what to take along in the way of clothing, equipment and the like.

však, there are things in life for which one cannot plan ahead. Totally unexpected situations crop up. A person’s knowledge and experience may fail, and his everyday sources of guidance may prove deficient. He may be unsure which way to turn. His situation may be like that of the seamen caught in a fierce storm, described by an ancient Hebrew songwriter as men who “reel and move unsteadily . . . and even all their wisdom proves confused.” Have you ever felt this way?

Especially in the field of human relations do people keenly sense the need for dependable guidance. For example: What is the best way to bring up children? How can parents maintain good communication with teen-age sons and daughters? What will keep the marriage bond strong? How can good relations be maintained with neighbors and fellow workers? These questions and many others like them deserve answers. But is there a source that can provide the right answers?

There are times when problems simply cannot be solved on the individual level. A person may be the victim of circumstances that are beyond his control—like the pressures resulting from what others do. He may be honest and fair in his dealings with fellowmen. Yet he is powerless when it comes to putting a complete end to all the moral and ethical wrongs that may be committed by those among whom he must live and work. He may work hard, spend money wisely and save on a regular basis. But he cannot prevent national inflation from reducing the value of his savings. Nothing he can do will positively guarantee economic security for himself.

Clearly, people today need a guide that, not only provides sound answers, but also gives aid in coping with problems for which there may be no personal solutions. And since many of the problems are global, that guide should tell how these global problems will be solved.

If such a reliable guide for living exists, what would you expect it to do for you? What effect can its application have on your family, your health and your future?

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