Women’s Private Talk: 12 Sex Questions Women Secretly Want Answers To

Let’s be upfront here, there are certain questions bordering on sex that women are too afraid to ask out aloud. They can’t ask their boyfriends or husbands, and sure can’t even ask their gynaecologists because they are too embarrassed to seek answers to these things. But not to worry, you won’t have to Google for answers anymore because the questions are all asked and answered right here.

Sex Questions Women Secretly Want Answers To

Is it possible to hurt my partner’s penis during vigorous sex?

The answer is yes. A man’s penis is not made of bone or iron, it is a vessel that engorges with blood at stimulation, so an active women on top can injure the thing if she gets too active on the bicycle. It can bend and even lead to injury on the penis, so it is best to take it easy because the organ can be damaged and rendered ugly after corrective surgery.

Is it possible for the condom to fall off inside of me?

It is very common for the condom to slip off during active sex but this rarely happens. The best thing a woman can do is to patiently retrieve the rubber and then ensure its content was not spilt. Such condom must not be reused again but a new one. This incident often happens with men with very small asset.

Why do I have difficulty in achieving orgasm during sex?

You don’t have anything wrong with you if you fail to achieve orgasm during sex. The truth is that some women have orgasm during sex, others during clitoral stimulation, yet others through masturbation, and others via a combination of other methods. It must however be pointed out that a woman needs proper self-esteem and confidence in bed to reach climax every time; and it is best to stay off drugs since these could affect libido and sexual response.

Why do I feel the need to pee during sex?

Well, the truth is that the feeling to pee is only a feeling, rarely does anyone experience the need to pee during sex. Experts say when a woman feels she needs to pee during sex, it means her male is hitting well upon her G-spot and this will almost bringing her close to orgasm.

What can I do about when my vagina makes sounds during sex?

This is called queefing and there is actually little to nothing you can do about it. It occurs when air trapped inside your “oven” escapes as you’re hit during intercourse, and it can also happen immediately after sex. This has nothing to do with whether your something is loose or tight.

I don’t get wet during sex. What should I do?

Most women get wet down under during sexual foreplay and arousal, but this wetness can diminish as the sexual act gets longer. Wetness makes it easy for your man to penetrate you and it prevents hurt during sex, but if you do not get wet during foreplay or sex, then you might as well use a lubricant such as a Vaseline jelly to lubricate yourself.

My partner wants an anal. Should I consent?

You must only consent if you’re okay with it or want to experiment. But if not, you must make your partner understand why. If you decide to go on, then you must use a lot of Vaseline jelly or other lubricant to help out and be sure to use a condom to protect from bacteria and feaces during the act. The condom must be changed to another one if you want to switch from anal to vaginal to prevent transferring bacteria around.

What does it mean for a woman to squirt?

Squirting is the female version of a man’s ejaculation. Women squirt during sex or masturbation when they are intensely aroused and release fluid from their urethra. It does not happen at all the time and must not be confused with urine, it is not.

His penis is curved. Help!

There is no help required here unless of course he has Peyronie’s disease which causes a man’s penis to be curved as a result of injuring it during sex. But many men have curved penises and it doesn’t mean anything, in fact it may help him to hit you in the right places when he enters. Naturally, men have different sizes, shapes, and colours when it comes to their weapon – just as women have different vagina and breast sizes, shapes, and colours.

I get turned on when watching lesbian porn.

This happens to some women and it turns others off. For women who get turned on when watching two girls do it in porn, it does not necessarily mean they also desire or want to get intimate with another girl or woman. Just like a woman may fantasize about a neighbour but never want an actual sexual act with him.

What can I do if his penis is just too big or even too small?

There is nothing you can do but to talk about this together – especially if you don’t feel the small thing or the big one hurts you during sex. But another thing: you can use plenty lubricant if his weapon is too big and you can also be on top so that you dictate the course of event with a big organ; and with a small one, your guy can try different positions or just use his fingers and mouth to please you.

I want my partner to perform oral with me.

If that is what you want then you must show him. Many men don’t like to suck down there but you must show yourself worthy by being neat and fresh down home. If he is not good at oral, then you must help by giving him hints on the motion, speed and pressure he could apply to sensitive parts of your cave.

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