SendPulse: How to Get Your Mailing List Subscribers to Act on Your Frequent Newsletters

Do you read and act on ALL messages delivered to your email inbox? Are you not missing out on great product offers and personalized messages if you mark email messages for deletion without reading them? Are you an internet entrepreneur using email marketing as your major means of reaching your target audience? You can achieve better results by using SendPulse.

All serious internet marketers send newsletters. Through the process of email marketing, digital entrepreneurs use frequent newsletters to market themselves to potential customers within their mailing list. Sending personalized newsletters via email marketing is the most direct way to reach your subscribers. The problem however is that most email subscribers do not open marketing emails; and internet marketers do not know the number of subscribers that do.

Enter SendPulse. This is the digital tool through which you can get your subscribers to read and act on your newsletters. Beyond getting your email list to respond to your newsletters, SendPulse is designed to ensure your messages reach your target audience wherever they are, at all times, and without fail. If you do not wish to leave money on the tables of your subscribers, SendPulse is the recommended tool to get them paying you by the clock.


SendPulse is built to serve your email marketing needs in three major ways. Here they are –

  1. Increased Clickthrough Emails

It is already on record that you rely on sustained email marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. But SendPulse helps you further. It ensures that your subscribers open your emails and act on them at an additional 50% success rate. When the chances of subscribers responding to your newsletters increase by up to 50%, you can be certain of pre-selling more.

Here are the benefits of using SendPulse for your email marketing campaigns –

  • 50% increased chances of having your emails opened
  • SendPulse’s SMTP Server ensures the deliverability of your emails regardless of the recipients’ emails protocols
  • Artificial intelligence to make emails responsive, with statistics on open emails, and scheduler for sending out emails at particular dates.
  1. Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is an option to reach your subscribers on all devices whether they are logged into their emails or not. It provides you access to your mailing list subscribers without really populating their email inbox with personalized messages. With web push, you can notify your subscribers of important updates even when they are not connected to the internet.

SendPulse notification technology is designed to reach subscribers with push messages regardless of their devices and browsers. The ultimate purpose is to get your messages across to your subscribers and get them to act on it regardless of the circumstances they find themselves. Web push notifications do not overcrowd email inboxes, yet subscribers receive them and you receive verifiable clickthrough rates with your personalized messages.

  1. Bulk SMS

There are various systems out there for sending bulk SMS, but SendPulse trumps them all. With SendPulse’s bulk SMS technology, you can send thousands of personalized messages to your subscribers on their mobile phones. Where your subscribers are not able to log into their emails to read your newsletters or receive push notifications, you can send them SMS without any issues. With a single click, you can send the same customized text message to thousands of your subscribers and have it delivered to their mobile phones at almost the same time and moment.

What Else Must You Know About SendPulse?

SendPulse has lots to offer internet marketers and other small businesses. Some of these are –

  • Ability to customize hundreds of email templates for newsletters
  • Scheduler for sending out given emails at particular dates
  • Subscription forms for collecting web visitors’ emails
  • Analytics for measuring email open rates, clicked links as well as location of subscribers
  • Easy integration with various CMS and ecommerce platforms
  • Liberty to send up to 15,000 customized emails for free per month

SendPulse was built from the ground up to meet the needs of all categories of online marketers. It was engineered by marketers for marketers, and its integrated artificial intelligence is able to get subscribers to perform targeted actions seamlessly. SendPulse is the new money-making tool that every entrepreneur should activate today for improved business experiences; and then, it comes free for all to use without any hidden obligations.

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