Online Website Businesses That Bring In Repeated Incomes

Online Website Businesses That Bring In Repeated IncomesOne of the major dreams of any internet marketer or online freelancer is to have a repeated source of online incomes. And that is the main essence of any online business activity – to establish a viable source and means of guaranteed incomes or revenues. This can be easily achieved if the proper planning goes into it, and if the right investments and target audience are explored after consumer research analysis.

මම. Freelance marketplace: An online marketplace is an internet resource which is structured like a physical market, but operates virtually for people to buy and sell goods and services – while the owner of the website platform is paid some commissions of the transactions that pass hands before sellers and buyers. The website owner makes as much recurrent income for life for as long as there are buying and selling transactions on his site. Sites like,,,,, and several others make recurrent incomes or revenues for the owners by the seconds because there are always thousands of transactions exchanging hands by the seconds between sellers and buyers of goods and services.

For instance, සහ charge clients between $5-$10 per assignment they post live for writers to bid on, and there are thousands of these going live every minute, while writers are also charged some percentage on for accepting or being awarded the job, and another percentage again when they want to withdraw their funds or earnings. Elance even has a paid membership for writers who desire upgraded values and more resources for getting more jobs. This makes online marketplaces a great venture for earning thousands of recurring incomes everyday and every month for life for as long as the owner remains in business. And don’t forget, once the business is set up, you get paid for life by users using the site because you have provided them with a workable platform to do their own businesses too.

ii. Dating sites: There several dating sites out there where you could list your profile and interests, and even check out the profiles and photos of men and women that match your profile for free – but you would definitely be required to upgrade to a paid membership if you would want to engage in a personal communication or chat with someone that interests you. Most dating sites charge for a one-time subscription to allow you email and chat with anyone on the sites, and some request a monthly subscription to allow you communicate with users. Whether a one-time fee or a recurrent monthly fee, you get paid for life as the owner of such dating sites for as long as the site is up and running and you keep promoting it online.

iii. Bulk SMS sites: You know about bulk SMS, don’t you? This is an online gateway that allows you to send multiple of customized SMS to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time with your own customized signature. If you operate a bulk SMS site, you make thousands of recurrent revenues monthly or even daily through resellers or direct users registered with you. They continue to buy SMS credits to send customized SMS for personal and business purposes and you continue to make passive incomes for life for as long as registered users continue to send SMS from your site.

iv. Social media sites: Social media sites like (mobile media application) සහ among others charge you to pay recurrent subscription fees to buy credits and points or to use certain upgraded services for your business connections. Eskimi is a mobile social application for chatting but LinkedIn is a more serious site for networking among industry professionals. If you are a owner of such sites, you get paid for life for as long as people use your site.

v. There are other sites like tutorial sites and even porn sites that charge users to use their services, but design and operate one of these online businesses that people gladly pay to use and always smile to the bank each day while you are also free to pursue either leisure or other personal interests.

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  1. I actually think your numbers are a little high for Elance, and Freelancer, but they are great ways to earn an online income. There are some great sites that you can write, and earn, but it takes awhile to make a good income.

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