Online Payment Solutions That Are Available To Nigerians

Nigerians have always been hampered from profitable business opportunities online because they have been sidetracked by the most respectable and most acceptable payment processor agent in the world – PayPal. PayPal is the most globally used and trusted means of payment on the internet, but for reasons best known to them, they do not accept Nigerians and other countries like Pakistan, North Korea and Iran among others. This has made earning incomes on the internet very difficult and nearly impossible for many decent Nigerians, but all hopes must not be lost if you are still determined to make something from your online efforts. The following are just a few PayPal alternatives, or online payment solutions that are available to Nigerians:

EGO. Payoneer: Payoneer is a good alternative to PayPal and functions much like PayPal does, but they accept Nigerians and you can easily withdraw your funds through the payoneer debit card which is shipped to your sign-up address. This debit card functions like a normal ATM card, and you can use it to withdraw your funds through any ATM machine in the world, but it is best to use it with Zenith bank’s ATM machine which automatically converts your dollar funds to the Naira currency. You can have your payoneer card shipped free to your address within 30 days, and you can have it couriered to you in less than a week for some extra charges of about $75. But there is one downside to the use of payoneer, you cannot sign-up directly for the card from their website, you have to do it through their partner sites like Elance and Odesk among others which then redirects you to the payoneer website to complete your registration and load your payoneer card with your available funds or earnings.

ii. Liberty Reserve: Liberty Reserve or LR is very popular among many Nigerian forex traders because it the easiest and most trusted means of funding and withdrawing funds from their forex platform accounts. You can easily open a LR account and use it to collect payments from online customers and clients, and the payment processor has layers of inbuilt security to protect your funds and money. But the only downside to the use of LR is that you cannot withdraw directly to your Nigerian bank accounts, but they have registered agents who can buy your available LR funds and pay you the equivalent amount. You can only fund or withdraw from your LR account through registered agents in Nigeria whom you pay to fund your account with the dollar equivalent or who pay you in Naira to buy your LR dollar funds.

iii. Google Checks: If you make enough earnings on your websites through Google Adsense banner and contextual ads, then you can easily get paid through Google cheques which are mailed monthly to you in Nigeria. You then only need to deposit this cheque into your Nigerian domiciliary account to have the amount credited to you within a few days.

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  1. This post needs to be updated since LR is off the hook. Meanwhile, keep it up. I enjoyed this post.

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