5 Ways to Make Decent Money as a Pro Blogger

Making money as a professional blogger is quite easy, but requires some professional competence and skills as a web writer and as a subject-matter authority, or you might find yourself struggling to earn a few dollars with your blogs. You must understand that blogs are customized websites that are functional by a topic expert to give expert knowledge and opinions about a particular subject-matter on the web, and they are often patronized by subscribers and information seekers because of the depths and angles of subject-matter and presentation skills attributed to the blogger as an authority figure. How then can you make money as an authority and as a professional blogger with your blogging skills?

ine. Create your own products: As a professional blogger and a respected authority in the subject-matter of your blog, you can make good money by researching and writing eBooks and then offering them for sales on your blog site. If you are an authority on dog training, dog breeding, weight loss, personal finance, debt management, corporate consultancy, family health, ndi zina, you can package great eBook products and make money selling them on your blog.

Wachiwiri. Guest posts on blogs: A lot of online marketers and companies would pay good bucks to submit relevant posts on your blog. For instance, www.payperpost.com pays up to $200 to write posts with a few links that link back to an advertiser from your blog, ndi www.sponsoredreviews.com among others also pay very well to write product reviews on their advertisers products on your blogs. Kuwonjezera pamenepa, you can also be paid as a respected blogger to write and submit posts to other sites where they will be published and linked back to the advertiser, and you are often paid between $50-$100 to write guest posts on other people’s blogs and sites.

iii. Banner adverts and Adsense: Most bloggers make most money by signing up to have banner and textual ads displayed on prominent parts of their sites. Banner ads fetch you good money if your blog is highly trafficked, and textual ads like Google Adsense also fetch you good money when they are displayed alongside written texts in your blogs. The payments you earn from displayed ads could take care of your needs if you are perfect at maximizing them.

iv. Product affiliate marketing: You also make money promoting the ebooks and products of others through affiliate marketing on your blog. This means using your blog and affiliate links to source for buyers to buy the products of marketers you promote, while making between 50%-75% profit of the unit cost of any sold products. You can obtain affiliate products to market and sell from www.amazon.com, www.ebay.com ndi www.clickbank.com.

v. Paid membership subscription: This is not so common a method of making money in Africa from blogs because of online payment processor issues, but it works by charging readers and visitors to your blog to pay a small fee to be able to access areas of your blog where you have much more valuable information. These cordoned-off areas are usually known as “members only area” and you require a username and password to access valuable information available from such areas, as opposed to any other general information on the blog. This is the method dating and porn sites use to monetize their sites.

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  1. moni Fisayo,

    Great post. I would just add that it is important to have an opt-in box on the blog to capture emails and build a mailing list. Once you have that established and have a list one does not have to depend entirely on the blog itself. After you establish a good relationship with your list you can promote products bot your and affiliate to that list.



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