Has Mobile Numbers In Nigeria Exceeded 11 Digits?

Has Mobile Numbers In Nigeria Exceeded 12 Digits?

I’m still baffled as I write this but I’ll like to know if there is a new trend in telecommunication in Nigeria which I’m not paying attention to.

I have two lines (Glo and Airtel). I experienced some network failure on my Glo line yesterday morning with a messageSim Registration Failed“. But I’ve registered all my lines with NCC. Concerned, I changed all my contact addresses telephone number from my Glo to my Airtel line. But by 4pm, my Glo line was again functioning well so I just thought it’s just Network problem as usual.

Today, I tried calling my Glo line with my Airtel just to know if all is well with my Glo line because I was expecting a call from it but I haven’t received the special call then I mistakenly added another “1” after the 12th digit of my number but the call still went through. Cornered, I replaced the last “1” (now 13th digit) with 2 then repeated the step with 3,4,5,6,7,8,9…. and all the call still went through.


Tam sim no, I first of all want you all to try the same thing and if you experienced same, share it with us by commenting below then we’ll pass this to the authorities to take care of it.

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