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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Dropshipping?
  3. How Dropshipping Works
  4. First Things First, Your Dropshipping Business Name
  5. Why It’s Important to Get It Right
  6. 5 Consequences of Getting It Wrong
  7. 5 Quick Ways to Generate Dropshipping Business Name Ideas
  8. 9 Dropshipping Business Naming Mistakes to Avoid
  9. Conclusion

9 Dropshipping ua hauj lwm lub npe yuam kev

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Choosing a business name for your dropshipping store is a little different from choosing a business name for other types of businesses. However, the same principles apply, if you get business naming wrong a lot of other things can go very wrong. This is a foundational issue.

There are lots of dropshipping businesses out there, 500,000 (and counting) on Shopify alone spread across 175 lub teb chaws. Your store name can either stand you out from the crowd and position you for dropshipping success or blend you into the background where you drown in invisibility.

Thankfully, there are smart ways to avoid this quagmire and learn to get dropshipping store or business naming right.

Because it’s so easy to start dropshipping, dropshippers have a tendency to abandon a non-performing store and open another, but if the underlying problem is your business naming pattern, then you need to learn how to generate good business name ideas for your future dropshipping stores.

In this post we shall explore the ins and outs of choosing a business name for your dropshipping business, but first

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce supply chain business model that allows you do retail without needing to buy physical stock or keep inventory.


How Dropshipping Works

How Dropshipping Works

Source: hireme2writeit.com

Below is a brief description of dropshipping in 5 easy steps:

  1. You display manufacturers or suppliers products on your retail website at a markup,
  2. Shoppers browse and place orders with you
  3. You take your profits, thiab
  4. Forward customer orders to your suppliers or manufacturers, who
  5. Fulfil or deliver products directly to your customers


First Things First: Your Dropshipping Business Name

There a few things you’ll need to start dropshipping like:

  • PC or laptop
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Dropshipping Platform, e.g. Shopify (comes with domain name, thiab lwm yam), free 14 days trial, starts at $29/mo, $9/mo for Shopify Lite
  • A product or niche
  • Reliable suppliers or manufacturers
  • An automation app like Oberlo, (free starter pack), then $29/mo for basic package, thiab lwm yam

But, one of the most important things you need is a good business name for your dropshipping store.


Why It’s Important to Get it Right

As stated earlier, you can start dropshipping with literally zero dollars. Because of this certain things are taken for granted.

Assuming you grow and scale quickly and get attention of big players whose trademarked name pre-dates and resembles yours, you could be in for a legal tussle, and it becomes more difficult to abandon your growing business due to business name related issues.

Hence you need to get it right from the onset. To throw more light,

Here are

5 Consequences of Getting It Wrong

  • Legal battles that might destroy your business or cost you so much in settlement
  • Loss of customer base
  • Loss of associated social media pages and accounts
  • Updating of all your digital assets to reflect new status
  • Costly rebranding efforts

To put it in perspective, reports indicate that a proposed change of name from UTA to TDU (pronounced t-duh) could cost Utah taxpayers about $50m to implement.

Similarly, the domain cars.com was reportedly sold for a whopping $872m.

Having said that,

Here are

5 Quick Ways to Generate Dropshipping Business Name Ideas

Now that you know the importance of getting your dropshipping business name right, here are 5 quick ways to create beautiful business or company name ideas:

  • Business Name Generators

A business name generator as the name implies is an online software or tool that helps you generate business name ideas for your dropshipping store, so you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A forum where members ask members questions and get answers on any subject matter. There’s an upvote feature that allows other members thumb up or support answers given by members. They can help with ideas for your dropshipping store.

  • Family and Friends

If you intend to run a Mom n’ Pop style dropshipping store, getting business name suggestions from friends and family is a fun way to start out.

You can actually end up with a really cool name that succinctly describes your dropshipping business.

  • Crowd Sourcing

Away from family and friends, crowd sourcing allows you source for company name ideas from a crowd of talented freelancers for a fee.

There are many such sites like CrowdSpring, Fiverr, Upwork, thiab lwm yam.

  • Hire Copywriters

Another option is to hire skilled business copywriters or agencies who can understand your business goals and objectives and craft matching business names accordingly.

Now that we have seen some ways to generate business names,

Here are,

9 Dropshipping Business Naming Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

  1. Choosing a Name that Sounds like Amazon

Yeah, we all know Amazon is big deal, bringing major disruption to retail and swallowing nearly everything in its path.

But using a name with Amazon in it may be misleading and may backfire from different angles like the real Amazon, online shoppers and the law.

  1. Including the Word Dropshipping in Your Name

There’s a general perception that dropshipped products cost more on average. This is due mostly to buying at retail price and quantity which makes it difficult for dropshippers to sell without a markup.

Adding the word dropshipping (or its other variations) to your business name may send the wrong signals about your prices ab initio.

  1. Using Geo-Restrictive Names

Using a name like DropshipTexas will create the impression that you only operate within or deliver to Texas. This will drive potential customers who don’t live in or around Texas.

Dropshipping allows you sell globally so do not tie your hands with a geographically restrictive name.

  1. Naming Your Store After a Niche

Some dropshipping niches are ultra seasonal, here this moment and gone the next. Naming your dropshipping store after such niches is very limiting, and a serious mistake to avoid at all cost.

A good name should allow you try different niches of dropshipped products without needing to change store name often.

  1. Choosing a Name With Starting Small Mentality

This is different from niche-naming. Due to dropshipping’s low startup capital, some dropshippers choose company name with a painfully “small” business mentality.

Consequently, when growth comes they may need a name change which comes with its challenges.

  1. Using a Name Peculiar to Your Dialect

Using a name peculiar to your tribe, tongue or people may not be the best for your dropshipping business.

If you have to say and spell the name out for people every time, then it’s probably not cool enough.

  1. Difficulty Spelling Your Dropshipping Store Name

If you pick names peculiar to your dialect another challenge will be ease of spelling or pronunciation for non-native speakers of your dialect.

This could mean less appearance in search results and organic traffic which you’ll need to grow your store.

  1. You’re Ignoring International Customers

Because dropshipping allows you to sell globally and earn foreign exchange, you need to consider your customers in other countries and cultures.

That fancy business name could mean “gold” in your dialect and mean “shit” in another language, which means they’ll abhor your store. So do your research.

  1. Suppliers Misspell Your Name on Invoice or Other Product Packaging

If the name of your dropshipping store is hard to spell, suppliers may misspell it in invoice or product packaging, which is bad for branding as two products from two suppliers may spell your name differently.

Customers may lose their trust if it repeats consistently. Ensure your correct business name is submitted to suppliers.


Getting your dropshipping business name right will save you unnecessary stress and worry. Follow these tips to generate better business name concepts next time.

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