Poverty, Poor Education System: The Major Cause of Nigeria’s Unsolvable Security Challenges

The prosperity of a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of its citizens, besides, the financial prosperity of the citizens of a nation could be enhanced by good resources management at the side of its government. Good resources usage will ease the activities of citizens of a country towards making both ends meet, and all other life activities.

As it is for management being “ The coordination of human, material and financial resources of an organization, through the function of planning, organizing , staffing , leading and control in order to achieve set objectives and goals’’, so should it be for a government with resources at their resources. Determining what to be done, designing its blueprints, making appropriate organization towards attainment, recruiting competent hands to handle task in their area of certifications. a display of leadership at its best, good control measures being put in place to regulate activities.

Poverty, Poor Education System

Education is the milestone of every type of development. Education provides all knowledge to do any work with systematic way. With education a country can develop its economy and society. Well-educated population lives with silence and calm. They love each other and believe in social community. Education develops the personality of the youth of a nation. Education makes people perfect by providing large number of skills.

Education creates awareness in the population that makes them self-reliance and self-dependant. Education is such source that increases if it is distributed. Education has the power to create stability and equality in different religions, and people. If adequate resources are channelled towards education in Nigeria, there will be fewer youths to be mobilized as political thugs, for public killings, armed robbery, fraud, and the so called Boko Harams terrorists’ bomb attacks. Their lives would have been liberalized by education, changed their level of thinking and every other things around them, therefore make them unattractive to be mobilized for destruction. With proper management of the education sector in Nigeria, our internal insecurity shouldn’t have been a major concern as it is presently, our focus should be in other areas on how the nation will move forward.

I could remember sometime ago when a business partner of mine came into the country from Saudi Arabia, while driving down to a hotel where he was booked to stay, he looked around and saw houses having fences around them and said “Why do you have prison yards everywhere in your country?, ’’ I replied him that they are not prison yards but offices and residents, he busted into laughter and I smiled along with him. To my understanding, I knew he laughed at seeing many houses with fences round them. Гэсэн хэдий ч, this indicates that an average Nigerian cannot sleep eyes-closed with gates or doors open, because he feels unsecured. There are countless of unemployed hands in the country, many of these hands take shortcuts by going into questionable acts after having their patients exhausted. Мөн, the unfriendly interest rate by financial institutions is also a factor discouraging brains with ideas from executing what they believe in. A low interest rate encourages аж ахуй эрхлэх, create jobs, and take unemployed hands off the streets if access to loans and facilities are easily obtainable in the country.

Before the government can decide on placing an act on security of lives and properties in Nigeria, firstly, resources should be brilliantly distributed, lives of its citizens should be affected positively, that will have to determine the level of government’s involvement towards security of lives and property.

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  1. The major problem that resulted all the bad situations in Nigeria is poor leadership

  2. Very true.. Especially with the ongoing security problems..

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