Intervija ar Dele Odufuye, TrafficTalk Founder

Our guest today is a multi award winning entrepreneur that loves using IT to solve business problems. He recently launched Traffic Talk, a stream-oriented social network service dedicated to reporting road traffic updates thus helping road users within Lagos beat traffic.

pārskati: Pastāstiet mums par sevi, jūsu fona un intereses.
Dele: My name is Dele Odufuye, a graduate of environmental management and Toxicology. I founded Tsaboin, a software development firm based in Lagos, Nigeria in 2005. My interests are gadgets and tech stuffs

Beat Lagos Traffic

pārskati: Cik viegli ir sākt?
Dele: Not so easy, having to startup by generating your own power. And as a startup solely dependent on internet, you know how that is in Nigeria.

pārskati: Kādi bija lielākie kļūdas un kā tās ietekmē jūsu panākumus?
Dele: My biggest failures might have been very low turnover during the economic recession, haven to keep the company afloat, still not making revenue. We lost a lot during the period but it made us to strategically adjust a lot too and here we can see the results of the decisions.

pārskati: Ko jūs mācīties no savām kļūdām?
Dele: To make strategic decisions more at critical conditions that will make the business more liquid, keep operations at its best, keep the companies values, especially to both customers and shareholders.

pārskati: Tell us about your new startup [TsaboinTrafficTalk] and what inspired you to launch it
Dele: Lagos traffic inspired us at Tsaboin to come up with Traffic Talk. We believe, with information about road status, we can commute better.

pārskati: Did you launch with funding? If No, how were you able to gather funding for this project? Ja jā, how you were able to successfully sell the idea/concept to investors?
Dele: Yes we did. We received and still receiving funding from a US based company who came to Nigeria to find a company with working ideas that can shake the future and build valuable solutions. They had 2 weeks to do that and lets just say, they found us and that was it.

pārskati: How has the reception from Lagosians been since the site’s launch?
Dele: The site launched as beta to our friends and fans in July 2012 and came out of beta in October 2012. Since it came out of beta, reception has been as expected. With over 300 Blackberry downloads in 4 nedēļas, over 60 Android, over 100 Nokia phones and over 50 iPhone and Windows. Also with over 500 signups in 4 weeks without one single adverts or promotions, we still want to grow it amongst our own fans and watch it organically grow before adopting viral strategies.

pārskati: What new features can we expect to see on the site in the coming months/year?
Dele: Wow! We have loads of features planned and we planned new feature release at least once in a month and we have a roadmap already for 2 years.

pārskati: How do you intend to monetize the site?
Dele: Ads and other indirect income streams

pārskati: What milestones have you achieved so far?
Dele: The first milestone is the release of the site and its app from beta to GA.

pārskati: Who are the other members of your founding team?
Dele: Our core team include: KunleOdufuye (Co-founder), AjayiOlaoluwa (COO), KunleAwoniyi (Lead UI/UX), Seunowope (Supports), TaofiqShittu and David Aikhuele (BI and Data Analysts), Femi Deniga and Tope Quadri (Project Managers), QuadriAwosanya and Kenny Fayomi (Content Coords and Administrators) and Ayo Alatise (Servers and Networks).

pārskati: What impact have social media had on you business wise?
Dele: Undoubtedly useful platform in reaching a lot of people via multiple channel without disrupting them and them still having fun, and that’s what social media has helped us achieve.

pārskati: Iet uz priekšu, ko mums vajadzētu sagaidīt no jums un visiem paziņojumiem vai gaidāmajiem projektiem?
Dele: For now, its going to be Traffic Talk

pārskati: Jebkuru gala padoms topošos uzņēmējus?
Dele: Keep Moving Forward

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  1. Really cool stuff. Crowd sourcing to help people help others solve traffic problem, I totally get the Logic. The site is beautiful too. Good job

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