How to Make Money Today Just by Thinking

How to Make Money Today Just by ThinkingHave you read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? That book has sold millions worldwide since its publication over 50 years ago, because it explores how you could make good money by properly channelling your thoughts and “making money out of thin air.” The foundation of every successful business starts with an idea – and ideas are products of thoughtful processes, or thinking if you like. You get to do anything after thinking about them – just as others have started businesses and companies after thinking about them. But it is not the thinking that brings the money; it is what you think that actually brings in the money.

The principle of thinking and making money lies in making what you know available to people who’d be glad to pay you for sharing such knowledge. taip, it means packaging your thoughts in a way that people can access and use, and perhaps store. Have you ever bought and read a novel or story-book before? Then it means you have paid to buy the thoughts of author after he has packaged them in a way you can pay for. How then can you make this work for you? Let us examine only two ways for now, and perhaps the others in other related posts.

aš. Information marketing: You must have heard of information marketing if you’d ever bought any E-book on the internet, or ever explored how to make money online. There is something you know which other people do not know, and you could easily put down this knowledge to help out others after bringing them out of your knowledge/thought-bank. Can you think out a way for people to use water as fuel in stoves and lamps? Can you think of a way to make money from your backyards? Can you think of how to make your dogs understand you without speaking? Think about these solutions and put them down on paper, then package them into E-books, audio CDs and anything that people can access to obtain the information. Then put it on the market with a price tag to make cool bucks – that is making money from your thoughts and knowledge.

II. Life experiences: A particular man suffered joblessness in the United States. He became very broke and could not feed and clothe himself. He slept in dark alleys on rainy days and trudged the streets in snowy winter to obtain bread through odd jobs. He was eventually arrested for some misunderstanding and jailed for a year before providence intervened for his release. In the midst of his troubles, he thought of committing suicide – but thought to write down all he has suffered in life and in America before taking his own miserable life. The manuscript of his writings found their way into the hands of a publisher who published it into a book – and the book became an instant best-seller throughout America and Europe. People sought him to know how he could suffer so in America, and media houses begged him to appear on their shows. He became an instant success and a celebrity – all because he had written about his life experiences. Why do you think people want to buy and read the auto-biography of others?

This is just a pointer to the fact that the more constructive you could think, you more likely you can make good money from whatever you try from ordinary things. Do you know stand-up comedians, musicians, artists, writers and others make money from just thinking? You can too.

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