GUS8 Episode2: …and its farewell for ‘mopo

Gulder ultimate search has once again proved that the game is not only for the mighty or the swift but for those who have endurance and mental agility to mix.

The second task of the second batch of GUS is about speed, memory, mental alertness and physical endurance as the contestants have to place logs at intervals to proceed to climbing a rock while avoiding obstacles to reach a point where they will have to memorize a puzzle and in back to the starting point to arrange what they have seen.

With hunger as their companion after they were compeled to go into the bush to pluck unripe oranges as a result of the lack of fire, the contestant proceed in the game.

GUS8 Episode2

Though none of them got it right at the first trial, they were forced to make the journey the second time and Chris came first followed by Tony, Sandra, kike, Chigozie and Anthony.


With Theodora and Goodluck as the contestant remaining, both struggle for the first person to finish as they know there might be possible eviction. ‘Dora beat Goodluck which eventually made Goodluck the last person.

As compensation, Chris was rewarded with the production of fire for the camp’s meal while Goodluck was sent packing on the spot.

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