Meet Churchill Nanje Founder of the African Job Search Engine

자신에 대해 알려주세요, 당신의 배경과 관심.

I am a Cameroonian software developer turned entrepreneur. I started of doing technology related things when I left high school in 2003. I studied at Trustech Institute of Technology here in Buea and I worked there as an instructor for 2yrs (2004 에 2006) after which I quit my job to start my company with clients all over the world. I love software development, 사업, video games, music and video production. I am sort of a rounded person not the kind that sticks to computers and nothing more.

얼마나 쉬운가를 시작했다?
It was not easy and will never be easy, but my mom has been my pillar along with some good friends I made along the way. I will say God blessed me to meet the right people as I was starting up and they helped me through the good and bad times

Churchill Nanje Founder

시동에 대한 정보를 알려주십시오, Njorku.
Njorku is an Africa wide job search engine that seeks to help Africans locate jobs faster from all media (web, 모바일, 인쇄, 등).

We are working on ways to help job seekers in Africa in the quest for jobs or better career opportunities.

무엇 당신의 가장 큰 실패했다 방법은 당신의 성공에 영향을 미치지 않았다?
I fail everyday so there is no big or small failure. I will say failure is part of the success so I take it positively and I can’t quantify it.

당신은 당신의 실패로부터 무엇을 배울 않았다?
My failures make me everything I do that succeeds today is as a result of something I did in the past that failed.

As a web Developer, what milestones have you achieved so far?
I built a full fledge PayPal clone single handedly in 4 주. I know how to code in so many languages that I don’t consider myself a language specific programmerthough for business reasons I use php a lot.

If you are not doing web business, 당신은 어떤 사업을하고있다 것?
I would be doing entertainment business, music production, videos, movies etc. Sort of what Storm Records, Don Jazzy, Obi Asika or Audi Maikori guys are doing

What impact have social media had on you and your business?
Social media has landed me more deals that any other form of marketing. So I would say social media is a strong pillar to my business processes around the world.

앞으로, 우리는 당신과 어떤 발표 나 향후 프로젝트에서 무엇을 기대해야?
I would say keep a close eye on as we are in talks with a lot of investors, partners and a lot of revolutionary inputs are coming our way from experts who dream greater things for and for AfroVisioN Group not much right now but in a couple of years you will hear us doing a lot of things across Africa not only in technology.

신진 기업에 대한 모든 최종 통보?
I would say hard work will always lead to an equal and opposite reaction which is SUCCESS!

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  1. Its really good to see innovative individuals doing well. This should serve to tell every one that you too can be successful online. Just have a good business model and marketing plan and you can be successful

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