Interview with Onibalusi Bamidele the Founder

오니발루시 바미델, a Poor Fatherless Kid turned a Successful Blogger is a 17 year old Nigerian entrepreneur living the internet lifestyle. He makes over $5,000 online monthly by writing for others and he’ll be sharing with us some of his experiences in this interview.

Onibalusi Bamidele

얼마나 쉬운가를 시작했다?
Starting wasn’t that easy, but it also wasn’t impossible. I think it’s all about being determined to get started.

무엇 당신의 가장 큰 실패했다 방법은 당신의 성공에 영향을 미치지 않았다?
It’s funny I still can’t think of what my biggest failure is. I sure had a lot of failures, but I guess I never really saw them as that. I definitely have a lot of failures, but I have made it a duty to only remember and recount my successes.

당신은 당신의 실패로부터 무엇을 배울 않았다?
Don’t ever give up!

어떤 이정표 지금까지 달성?
Currently getting 30k monthly visitors to my blog, making thousands of dollars monthly, and being featured in a foreign magazine. The great thing isn’t that I achieved it, it is that others reading this interview can achieve even more.

If you are not doing web business, 당신은 어떤 사업을하고있다 것?
Aha, I guess I’d be in school, probably doing something I didn’t really enjoy, or something I wasn’t really prepared for.

어떤 영향을 소셜 미디어는 개인 및 비즈니스 현명한에 있었다?
Not much. The internet and blogging has had a huge impact, but social media, not so much!

앞으로, 우리는 당신과 어떤 발표 나 향후 프로젝트에서 무엇을 기대해야?
I’m not sure yetbut I’ll keep working my ass off to ensure I can be of great value to my readers.

신진 기업에 대한 모든 최종 통보?
Don’t give up!

So guys, I’ll really like you read Bamidele’s Journey from a Poor Fatherless Kid to a Successful Blogger to learn how you could do better.

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  1. Oni is really a inspiration to all the new bloggers and writers nyways nice interview keep rocking fisayo

  2. wow. At 17 he is already on his way to financial freedom, when his mates are still thinking of how to pass waec and jamb. Even the tragedies in his life couldn’t stop him. It shows that with determination and God on your side, all things are possible.

  3. This is a great interview especially with Oni the person that have used its writing to inspire many people both newbies and professional. I wish all of us success.

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