5 Businesses to Do In Nigeria In 2013 (Part I)

5 Businesses to Do In Nigeria In 2013There are lots of businesses that you can do in Nigeria, or in any other parts of the world, without spending much in investments and in staff recruitments. You only need insight into services that people around you need, and would be willing to pay for once provided. It is easy to make money once you can identify and supply people’s needs; and needs abound around us if you’d look closely enough and devise ways to provide such for people at some minimal charges. In view of this, the following are services that you could provide for people for a fee, or rather, five businesses to do in Nigeria and elsewhere in 2013:

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a. Freelance proof-reader and editor: It is one thing to make money as a freelance writer online or for print magazines; it is another ballgame altogether to make money as an online or offline proof-reader and editor. Just for clarity, proofreaders read through manuscripts or content that are meant for publication to correct spelling errors and reconstruct unclear sentences to make the meanings clearer and sensible; an editor on the other hand also corrects spelling and grammar errors, reconstructs ambiguous sentences for clarity, but also goes ahead to check out facts presented in the manuscript to ensure they are accurate and unbiased. Proofreaders and editors can work online for hundreds of websites that publish and news or product contents, and they can also work for newspaper, magazine, journal and book publishing firms. Proofreaders charge around N150 per page, and editors charge about N300 per page; now you can multiply that with the number of pages in a manuscript or book material.

B. Carpet and rug cleaning: Thousands of homes use carpets and rugs; thousands of companies and industrial organizations use rugs and carpets; and millions of cars use rugs and carpets – and all these carpets and rugs grow dirty and stained every single minute of the day. You can make as much as N3,500 dry-cleaning a medium-sized room carpet or rug, and you can make as much dry-cleaning those of cars, but you can make up to N50,000 helping big companies and organizations to dry-clean their carpets and rugs, and removing the tough stains. You can even go ahead to dry-clean dusty mattresses, furniture and upholstery for hotels and guest-houses.

C. Make money with hand-crafts: With just about a month or two of training, you can easily earn about N2,500 for each hand-craft products you are able to make. Examples are fashion beads, bead bags, woven baskets, cane chairs and tables, and hand-sewn cardigans, sweaters and straw caps among others.

디. Catering and baking: While you do not necessary need to have a commercial bread bakery, you can earn as much by baking cakes, biscuits and other snacks at your home kitchen. You can sure carry out your superb catering business by baking cakes and making snacks for weddings, 생일, anniversaries, celebrations, and social gathering activities. People do weddings, birthdays and celebrate one thing or the other, so you stand a chance for making money every day when you have enough customers to cater for and to refer more businesses your way.

이자형. Make-up artist and costumier: With the number of movies shot in Nigeria every day, you stand a good chance of making it big as a facial make-up artist and costumier when you provide facials and other make-up to screen artistes before they go on set. You could equally provide them with costumes for movies and for theatrical stage performances at very good price rates. Although you might need to know a few film or movie directors and producers to make it big here, you might start somewhere by contacting movie producers, directors and scriptwriters and intimating them of your expertise and that they give you a foot in the door by trying you out.

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