Nigerian Photographers, Would You Do This for N100m Cash?

These terrifying pictures were taken by an Australian photographer- Sam Cahir who refused to panic during the real-life Jaws scenariogetting in the water with his camera to capture these incredible shots.

He was circled by the hungry shark for two hours!

ឥឡូវ​នេះ, to my Naija photographers, how much would you charge for these shots?

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3 យោបល់ នៅលើ "Nigerian Photographers, Would You Do This for N100m Cash?"

  1. Sure, I can do this. But I’ll charge N500M only!

  2. Wow.. now this seems scary.. But I will surely do it if i get N100m..

    p.s. to show appreciation for your efforts in making this post.. i just tweeted, shared on fb and +1 វា… 😉