Making a Good Impression with Your Business Card

Impressive Business CardBusiness cards are an ever-popular way to pass your contact details to a potential client. But with so many cards in circulation, how can you make sure yours has the best impact – both in how it looks and how you use it?

Business cards may look like little more than unobtrusive rectangles of card, but there’s far more to them than meets the eye. When you hand over a card, it will ideally result in a new customer coming to your business. Although you can hardly expect this to be the case every time, how can you make sure that each card is used to maximum effect?

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Business card design

It should go without saying that your card must look the part. There are a number of different factors you should consider, including the design of the text and any images, នេះ weight of the card, នេះ quality of the print and the finish.

Design. Your design should be spare, clean and simple. Text should be clearly legible, well-contrasted against the background, and brief. Use images or a logo, by all means, but make sure they are positioned well and don’t detract from the text.

Weight. Opt for heavier stock – 400 gsm makes for a card that feels more substantial and will last longer. Thinner card can end up looking and feeling poor quality.

Print quality. Companies use different digital printers, which can produce very different results. Look at the reviews and ask for samples to make sure you’re getting good quality cards.

Finish. Choose something that complements the design of your card. Most companies offer silk, matte or gloss – again, ask for samples and ask a designer if you’re not sure what will work. A spot-UV finish will bring out specific text or image details.

Business card etiquette

In terms of giving them out, your card is a means to contact you if a potential customer wants to take things further. They will ideally already have shown interest in what you do, but handing over a card is not a sell in itself, so don’t push them on people and expect them to get back to you. Keep things fairly light, but equally don’t use a card as a substitute for conversation – they will just feel fobbed off.

Business cards work well once you’ve established some kind of relationship, even if it’s a brief one in a relatively casual situation. For example, you might meet someone at a party and talk to them for a while about your work. Giving them your business card at the end of the conversation is a good way to move on, but give the message that you are interested in staying in touch. They then have the means to contact you: you’ve done your part, និង the ball is in their court. You can suggest they tell someone else or pass a card on if it’s something their friends or colleagues might be interested in too.

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