5 Businesses to Do In Nigeria In 2013 (Part II)

5 Businesses to Do In Nigeria In 2013Many people mistakenly that all you need to start a profitable business as an entrepreneur is enough capital funds, but no capital is ever enough because you have to continue investing funds into your business until it matures to generate cash to sustain itself. What is most essential here is the field expertise that gives your capital investment some meaning, and your ability to source for customers and clients that give you jobs that establishes your business as an organization to reckon with as a service provider. En þá, below are some 5 businesses to do in Nigeria and elsewhere in this 2013 the part two of the series we published on 11th of February. Read the first part here 5 Businesses to Do in Nigeria in 2013:

a. Monogramming and product branding: You can make a lot of money by branding gift items like mugs, handkerchiefs, T-shirts, writing materials, umbrellas, chairs, and a whole load of other items that could be given out at weddings, christening ceremonies and celebrations, anniversaries and birthdays among others. This works by branding particular names or events on these promotional items, and you could even do for football clubs and organizational carrying out product marketing campaigns.

b. Directory publisher: Have you noticed that there are now a lot of online sites listing businesses in any particular states and countries? Do they do it for free? No, small businesses pay them to be listed online so that customers can easily locate them from any parts of the world. You could also do a print edition like Yellow Pages or Purple Pages which list business addresses within a particular city, state and country and get paid for listing them. You make as much as N5,000 or more to list a business, and you could have as many as 5,000 businesses listed per edition or issue of your directory or online portal.

c. Job recruitment agency: With over 1 million fresh graduates being churned out annually from Nigerian universities and polytechnics, you could make a killing by contacting big organizations and recruiting fresh and young graduates for their employment vacancies. You might even be assigned a role of training these graduates and giving them basic career orientations, and obtaining the best of the best for these big organizations. You could as well establish an online portal for this, and this is something www.jobberman.com and www.naijajobs.com among other foreign ones do. And you could even modify it to be a source of job listings like www.indeed.com, www.simplyhired.com, www.monster.com and www.craiglist.com among others.

D. House painting jobs: With the desire of every Nigeria and African to build a personal house for as soon as possible, and the success of many people in this bid, you could make good money painting houses, schools, organizations, business shops and malls, and hostels by providing house-painting services. Many people even employ others to help them out or completely outsource these painting jobs when their hands have become so full with painting jobs here and there. Don’t forget that you could also be a vehicle painter, painting or spraying cars, buses, motorbikes and lorries among others for good money.

e. Motivational speaker: With the downtown in the economy and many personal problems here and there, the need for talented motivational speakers has grown considerably. People like Farrah Gray, T.D Jakes, Sam Adeyemi and Femi Emmanuel among a host of others are great motivational speakers that have spoken life and hopes into the lives of many. Although this is different from a compere or event MC, motivational speakers are highly-sought after at multinational organizations for staff seminars and trainings. Many charge as high as N500,000 to speak for one hour at an event for management executives.

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  1. You are good. God bless you and your brilliant ideas.

  2. Job Recruitment and house painting is a business that is successful and accepted in mostly countries. these business you mentioned are very good.

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