Internet Tools and Apps You Must Have For Your Business to Grow

If you are an internet marketer, or you make your living from operating an online business, then there are some internet marketing tools that you must not do without for your online business to prosper. Depending on your kind of online business and your business needs and objectives, there are many online tools and applications or software to choose from when you want to promote your business interests for more incomes – and we shall hereby be examining a few pertinent ones among them. Most of these internet business tools and apps are free, but some come at little purchase or subscription costs.

Internet Tools and Apps You Must Have For Your Business to Grow

aho. Google Analytics: This free online application provides you with up-to-date statistics about the performance of your website in line with visitors’ activities on your website. Google Analytics is a web metrics tool from Google Inc. that provides you with every relevant information and statistics you require on your website. It monitors visitors traffic on your website, tells you where your visitors are coming from internationally, tells you how long they stay on your website and which web pages they stay longer, monitors visitors activities on your website and even tells you how well your website is doing in terms of sales and conversations.

II. Skype: Skype VOIP internet facility that allows you to make calls to international destinations and customers for free or at very minimal costs. With Skype, you can hold live video conferencing across international boundaries and enjoy great inputs from conference members in real time. You can also use the IM feature of Skype to communicate and send instant messages with your associates and to share files, videos, audios, and other slide presentations in real time. This is a must-have internet tool if you need to always communicate with customers or associates across international lines.

III. Mozy: This is an internet facility that helps you to back up all information and files on your websites in case of internet crashes and data losses. You must be aware that there are other internet backup services apart from Mozy to protect your website products and data against crashes, and to help you restore any lost data on your websites if you suffer downtime or “go off air” due to crashes. This is a must-have to protect your internet investment and businesses from unforeseen hosting problems.

IV. Mail Chimp: There are many bulk email delivery services, but we are just mentioning Mail Chimp as a point of reference. This online tool among others of its kind helps you to deliver periodic emails and newsletters to thousands of your subscribers and customers simultaneously without spending much. It delivers your newsletters, press releases, company news and other product emails to all your customers and subscribers at any time you desire, and you could also set it up to deliver ready email and news contents at future dates and time – and it will not miss.

V. Accounting and invoice tools: There are many online applications that you can use to tabulate accounting processes and to handle all your accounting and sales invoicing jobs without any mix-ups.

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