GUS8 EPISODE2: Camp vin enteresan pandan y ap Chigozie ak 'Dora fèy

Yesterday’s was interesting as well as humorous as the contestants pulled many tricks and antics. With Marywealth and Kike leaving the camp after their eviction in the last task, Marywealth decided to leave a farewell gift to her fellow contestant by pouring palm-oil on the beans they were suppose to eat after coming back from the place of the talking drum.

Her reason; if she is not going to eat out of the beans, then other contenstants won’t enjoy it. As if that was not enough, she also left sandra with a personal gift by soaking her jacket and her clothes inside water because Sandra made a comment that she should not forget to take her lantern on her way to the talking drum (Is Marywealth being vindictive or just being funny?)


She is just jealous and she wants me to go but I’m not goingSandra lamented.


After the contestants decided to have a contest of strength (the fittest) between the male and the female contestant, they proceed to the place of the challenge and was suprised to see Bob Manuel, the anchor for the first episode. Bob cordinated the task which involves the contestant standing by a desired coloured flag of their choice. The contestants have to run some distance across the stream three times at three different location to pick a colour of their flag.

At the end, Tony won, followed by Chris, then Anthony and finally Sandra.

Hence Chigozie (Tony’s camp wife) and Dora were evicted. On the cause of their loosing, Chigozie blamed it on the fact that she fell twice along the way while Dora claimed she was slowed down when elbowed her in the face during the game.

On arriving at the camp after they (Chigozie and Dora) were evicted on the spot, they found basket of food and diming it unfair, they decided to hide the food under a rafia mat after unsucessfully attempting to put it on the roof of the camp (which they damaged in the process).

When the other contestants came, they wentcrazyon seeing the food and Tony dived towards the basket only to see an onion and a stone. They were all disappointed.

As a result of this, they decided to cook beans while they neglect repairing the roof but when the the rain started heavily, they were forced to repair the roof with the remaining palm fond. As Tony was carrying the palm fond, he saw the food and screamed. Behold! it was the food Chigozie and Dora had hidden.

As a reward for Tony winning the game, he was made the camp leader while Kike leaves a final advise for Sandra tokeep it up and stop being bossy.’

Watch out for our report on the final episode of GUS8, Season 2.

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