How to Make $500 Monthly in Nigeria Without Selling a Single Product

how to make money without selling products

However you find this hard to believe, the truth remains that you can make $500 per month here in Nigeria without selling a single product. Yes, you read that correctly, you can make this much as an entrepreneur – or perhaps we’d say as a freelancer. There are basically two broad ways to make money in life – by selling goods and by offering services that meet some specific needs. While you can make good money online and offline selling goods and services, you can equally make good money without selling any goods…but by providing specialized services online and offline. You must quickly bear this in mind before you read on – that your potential to make or earn money lies in the problems or needs of others around you. Now, let’s go on:

Housing agents: Do you know you require nothing to set up practice as an housing agent? Not even an office if you like, and no capital outlay or professional training at all. You only need up-to-date information about vacant housing accommodation within and outside your community, town and city…and perhaps a little collaboration with other housing agents to exchange current information about the availability of commercial and residential accommodations. House and land agents make their money from commissions when they make a vacant office or home accommodation available to others for rental – they often earn commissions from the customer and from the landlord. A house agent can make up to N25,000 from 3 customers each per day, totalling N75,000, and some make up to N1 million per month when they give out whole office complexes and buildings or lands to commercial organizations.

Telecommunication masts: Can you imagine how much MTN, GLO, AIRTELL and ETISALAT among others pay people per month to just erect their masts behind their houses? Depending on your power of negotiation and your location, you could approach telecommunication companies (they often first approach you anyway) to put up their masts on some unused waste of space on your land and earn between N250,000 – N350,000 per month. You don’t have to do nothing than just allow them to put up their mast around your house, and you earn an average of $2,000 per month – perhaps for month without selling any product or rendering any service in the strict sense of those words.

Business deal broker and facilitator: Many smart people make cool money for just referring some buyer to some seller – that is, they simply refer eager buyers (sometimes international buyers) to where scarce products they desire are readily available. Many U.S. pharmaceutical companies are very interested in buying shea-butter for cosmetic purposes, and this product is only available in West Africa – so you could make good money by just referring them to where they can obtain shea-butter, even online without leaving your room. Many Chinese companies are also looking for sesame, ginger, ginseng and other natural products – you can make thousands of dollars here in Nigeria by just connecting these buyers to the sources of their desired products.

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