How to Become a Successful Ghost-Writer on the Internet

Become a Successful Ghost-WriterI love writing, and I’m glad I could make regular money from what I naturally love doing – writing. Writing online as a freelance brings good money, because you get paid instantly the client approves your written text; and in some content mills, the system pays you automatically if the client fails to approve or rate your written content within 3 days. You could make money instantly when you submit approved content to a client, and you could also make lifelong residual income from website that pay you for article page views – this means you continue earning over and over again from an article you submitted maybe 6 years ago.

How then do you become successful as a ghost-writer on the internet and make 4-figure incomes per month? Your success as a ghost-writer or freelancer largely starts from when you go pro; or when you see yourself as a professional content writer and begin to structure your writing efforts and skills as a professional business in itself. Here are what to do:

en. Have a website promoting your writing services: Having a website promoting your writing services puts you in the forefront of potential clients, and when your website has portfolios of your best samples, it tells them all they need to know to give you a job. Your website must be professional looking, and it must have a personal style or tone to it without looking like a run-of-the-mill site like others. Most professional content writers in the U.S and in India have business websites promoting their services and assuring potential clients of their abilities to provide customized writing solutions that meet their marketing and corporate needs.

b. Specialize in core writing areas: It might be a good idea if you specialized in a particular web writing field. For instance, you must be known as a professional and reliable service provider on copywriting, SEO articles, product reviews and descriptions, web pages and landing pages, press releases, academic writings, and white papers, and others like fictions, etc; and you may specialize on niches like health, technology, business and finance, travel and tourisms, internet marketing, government and politics, gardening, pets, and social media among others. Although you can be a general writer if you write SEO articles, or if you have built a writing team.

c. Market your writing services to private clients: You must market your writing services to individuals, small businesses, big organizations, and start-ups within and outside your neighborhood to enjoy a steady flow of writing jobs. It may not be so easy getting private clients to write for when you just start out, but you might need to also market online through webmasters forums and professional networks like to get private clients. Private clients pay as much as $25-$75 per article, and when you get steady job from 3-5 clients, then you can be sure of making as much as $3,000+ per month.

d. Take on multiple jobs from content mills: You can also get steady writing gigs from content mills and pick available assignments from their job boards. Most of these assignments range from $5-$15 although some invariable pay more when you belong to a group or apply to certain programs within the content mills. Examples are,, og among others, but you might want to note that most of these content mills accept only native English speakers from the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia, although some few others not listed here accept international writers.

e. Have a professional writing team: When you have become relatively known and have more jobs coming in than you can handle alone, then you might consider putting together a professional writing team to whom you might outsource available jobs and projects. Your team will handle most of the job volumes for you, and you need only check for consistency of style and quality of work. Your team will eventually take over the writing tasks while you face the marketing and accounting work – and this is how to have the real money rolling in for you as a successful ghost-writer.

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