It’s a Big Job to Be A Good Parent

how to be a good parentBeing a good parent is a big job, especially in these days. In fact, it is likely more challenging now than in any other period of human history.

The father is usually gone all day, out of sight of his children. Some hold down two jobs. When they come home, often traveling long distances, they are tired. But the children need their father to take an interest in them, to talk with them and to do things with them.

The mother, too, is busy trying to care for the house and make ends meet in these days of inflation and high prices. Some mothers even take secular jobs to make more money for family needs. Besides this, a big share of the task of rearing the children—cooking their meals, washing and ironing their clothes, looking out for their health and providing them guidance—falls to her.

In addition to pressures on fathers and mothers, youngsters also have unusual pressures on them in this difficult era. They are confronted with immorality among those their own age, as there is growing permissiveness toward loose sexual conduct. They are surrounded by youngsters who take drugs, who have disrespect for parents, and who have contempt for authority. Pressures to conform to unusual, suggestive styles of clothing are also heavy. They are bombarded by magazine, newspaper, motion-picture and television suggestions toward sex, violence and a materialistic outlook. They desperately need the loving help of their parents in order to cope with these pressures.

How, in this ‘pressure-cooker’ atmosphere, can fathers and mothers who want to be good parents cope with the job?

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