“Help Me with Tips to Promote My Sperm Trade” (3)

Help Me with Tips to Promote My Sperm TradeEthical issues
I do not doubt any claim that money makes a man’s moral compass go haywire. Sperm traders are so caught up in their desire for money through sowing seeds for cash that giving a consideration to the moral implications of such a tendency clearly seems non-existent. Those who have opted for trading their sperms (with “nature will always replenish” at the back of their minds), should consider the following ills of commercial provision of sperm for effective soul searching:

In an environment such as this, where adherence to ‘things of culture’ are significantly upheld, mere donation of sperms is taboo, talk less of offering one’s sperms for cash. To avoid any unpalatable public impression, I suspect sperm traders would always look over their shoulders, left and right, before approaching the entrance of any sperm bank.
In spite of the high degree of concealment or anonymity involved, is sperm trading not another dimension of male prostitution? Even where prostitution is tagged ‘the oldest profession’, I am wondering how many around can publicly thump their chests for participating in it.

The same still holds for the following:
In line with what could be equated to ‘wrong purchase’ in marketing, what do you think would occur if a woman who opts for getting impregnated through this method later realize that its product (the child) does not portray those traits (, օր. good looks, athleticism, intelligence, եւ այլն) earlier promoted by the sperm bank? One should not even rule out, as a stop gap measure, that sperms could largely come from the doctors and their male staff. Where such occurs, will she still accept and love the child unconditionally?
It is certain that sperms (especially of ‘grade A’ quality) obtained in this form may end up being splitting for the production of more pregnancies in various women, sometimes applied in places outside of a particular receiving fertility centre. This reminds one of germination of seeds of a plant in the soils of several gardens overseas. Նիգերիայի, I know attributing such to a ‘Naija-man’ makes the ear cringe.
Some researches ‘say’ children produced through this means sometimes have birth defects; a greater likelihood of substance abuse, mental illness and criminal behaviour when they become adults

Նույնպես, making sperm available in this form portrays men as mere assets, which can be disregarded when no longer required; or laboratory specimens (, օր. rats) and farm cows to be milked. The same reminds me of an auction or cattle market, where the objects (այս դեպքում, men) are profiled, women make their choice, and bamm! – A deal is struck. Something runs common among such – Exploit when needed, and then dump when useless. These sperm traders, with their eyes on money, fail to see that the process of sperm collection degrades and objectifies men.

What about the issue of consanguinity (i.e. being related by blood or through descent from the same ancestor)? We should not overlook the fact that incest could be propagated through this, if we consider the likelihood of sexual relationships between couples who unknowingly are products of the same sperm provider (father). Can women sperm recipients, with hopes of having the same sperm provider more than once (to achieve having the same biological father), always achieve this desire? Who says the same provider will always be available to assure future pregnancies from the same source?

Looking at what obtains to the harvest of this trade in sperm, children, we must not ignore these:
Will this growing occurrence in sperm sale business not result in a deliberate creation of an army of fatherless children in future? Where are the ideals of conventional parenting and societal values such as the place of the man as parent, who is expected to provide economic support for the wife and children? In the minds of sperm traders, I envisage it would be why bother about family when the sap for creating such can yield easy money. Will this not destabilize and corrupt the society, coupled with turning the concept of fatherhood upside down? It is natural that humans should care for their children. The damaging effects of known trend of absentee fathers in this society are quite clear.
If many men do not care, what about the vital message to children? As kids, we grew up with the consciousness about what should hold for a man and a father. It is obvious that these sperm providers ‘do not give a hoot’ about when, where, or to whom their children are born?
Should we overlook the rights of the child? Is it not part of human rights for a person to know who his or her biological mother and father are? In the Nigerian context, what do think would happen psychologically to the product of ‘external’ sperm provision, if the source of how he or she came into existence becomes known later in life?

Related laws
Looking at what “Other Related Matters” represents as part of the appellation of this country’s relevant law enforcement agency, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons & Other Related Matters (NAPTIP), trading in sperms is clearly unlawful in Nigeria. Մի ընկույզի կեղլծ կճեպ, Nigerian laws seriously frown at sale or trafficking of human beings, body parts, and also fluids that emanate from such. (Շարունակելի).

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