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חשבונות: Who is Yaw?
Yaw: My name is Steve Onu. I’m a native of Anambra state in Awka. I am the 7th of 10 יְלָדִים. I studied drama and went to Lagos State University, LASU where I read Theatre Arts.

Before that, I already had a diploma in Radio, Tv and Film production. I did not practice because I was more interested in acting than other things but I majored in Theatre Marketing.

Along the line, I worked with BBC on the project “story story” from there I did Twilight Zone, Flat mate, Wazobia and other stuffs.

חשבונות: How easy was your starting like?
Yaw: It’s never easy except for those born with a silver spoon. Even those born with a silver spoon don dey lost their spoon. You don hear wakumsi now, it’s never easy and even if you listen to my chat on radio, I talk about my growing up, daily life and what I have seen and gone through.

חשבונות: Why do you focus more on your day to day activity on your radio show?
Yaw: Whether you like it or not, many people are still passing through hard times. I know people who are going through worse situation than I have gone through and still excel, why not motivate YOU out there thinking the world is going to end because of what you are going through.

חשבונות: So basically you motivate people
Yaw: Basically, I do try to motivate them. I don’t make them to say um um!, I want them to see the humorous part of life and at the same time pass my message across.


חשבונות: Have you ever failed in anything?

חשבונות: So what did you learn about your failures?
Yaw: Nothing bad happen without you being glad at the long run, so I have learnt that about life. And one thing about me when I was growing up is that no matter what the situation, I am always looking at the positive side that it’s not for too long things will change; and it has worked for me.

חשבונות: Are you are also into comedy stuff?
Yaw: כן. That depends on the line of comedy. A lot of people don’t know there are three types of comedy. We have Stand up Comedy, TV Comedy, ו Radio Comedy.

In stand up comedy, you can see the people you are cracking jokes with and get motivated by their response. Tv comedy is strictly acting while in Radio comedy, you don’t see those you are cracking the joke with but you believe what you are saying is making them laugh. Now if you bring a Tv comedian to a stand up comedy he might not be able to flow.

For example, I don’t see Baba Ajasco doing stand up comedy but when he is on Tv he makes people laugh. Not everyone can combine both or all but fortunately for me I do all and I also emcee events.

חשבונות: There was a story about you that you have once hawked on the street of Lagos, how has the transformation been from them to now?
Yaw: The hawking was in Yaba market to be precise and it happened while I was in secondary school. I hawked Ice water, sold soft drinks and did bus conductor.

In 1994/95 someone told me actors use to gather somewhere in Surulere and Festac and that I should come. Then, I used to trek from one point and take Molue at a point to get to my destination. People don’t know that I featured in good video but I did a lot of waka-pass too. From there I joined Kayode Peter’s Twilight Zone that featured the likes of Denrele Edun, Biola Oloba, Kofi, Kunle of Tribesmen.


חשבונות: What was your role in Twilight Zone?
Yaw: I was Carlitos, the stammerer. Carli for short.

חשבונות: The BBC stuff, was it before or after schooling?
Yaw: It was together.

חשבונות: What milestone have you achieved so far?
Yaw: We are still trying. I won the U.N PEACE Ambassador Award, City People Award back to back and many more

חשבונות: Why were you given the U.N PEACE Ambassador Award?
Yaw: I don’t know they just called me and said I have earned an award for my service to humanity.

חשבונות: What year was that?
Yaw: Two years ago or so. I can’t remember.

חשבונות: If you are not into showbiz, what will you be doing?
Yaw: I can’t see myself doing anything apart from showbiz

חשבונות: What project should people expect from you?
Yaw: I am current working on a project which would be out soon and also planning to open a theatre school- Literature Made Easy for secondary school students (theatre) and then my yearly performance at Muson Centre and my Tv program.

Yaw with Iroyin Team

Yaw with Iroyin Team

חשבונות: Any advice for new starters?
Yaw: Discover yourself first. There are times when words will come to you like when RMD told me to “go and study theatre arts". Before then, I was trying to gain admission to study Economics. I guess I would have been frustrated if I had studied Economics. After that always pray for God’s guidance, stay away from drugs and no matter how long it takes, you will get there. Then the world will be a better place for you and I. תודה!!!

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