Sadu da GUS8 tsari biyu contenders kamar yadda Geraldine ya lashe kallo ta zabi

Bayan Kevin durst, Anastasia Azike and Promise Ojiegbe were chosen as winners from the first batch of contestants in GUS8, the second batch for the contest of champions has arrived at Ososo forest with music crooner-Darey as the guide for this set.

The second batch are bunch of interesting individual as we have personality ranging from model to a 400 meter Gold winner and a mobile police officer.

Meet the batch two contenstant and see what some of them have to say about themselves.

*Chigozie Amamgbo– da 22 year old said that she can adapt to any situation. “I am short-tempered,fearless and braveshe added.

*Mary Wealth OhwhondaMary saidI prefer mingling with guys rather than ladies because ladies nag.

GUS8 batch two contenders

**Okechukwu Christopher Okagbue– 24 year old dude saidPeople underestimate.Though he said dat he respects the opinion of others in decision making but at the juncture of making important decisionI think of myselfChristopher said.

*Kikelomo Ibitoye– da 27 years old 400m Gold winner for Nigeria said she is in GUS8 to make a record by being by being the ultimate hero. Coming from a family of 6 girls, 7 male and 4 wives, kikelomo saidI am small but mighty.

*Ohio GoodluckWith the inscription on his T-shirtAre you ready?” the mobile police officer took over the Jungle as he claimsJungle life is not new to me.He said he is in GUS8 to show that he is gallant and apart from this it seems he is in the show to redeem the image of police force as not an entity that just collect “#20” but as a force to reckon with in the society.

*Anthony Igwe– Da 24 year old Anambra indigine participated in GUS8 because he believes he is confident of himself this year.

*Theodora EgboThe youth copper opines that Chidozie is weak therefore she will be the first to be evicted. Dora trusts no one and she disclosed that people people think I’m quiet. “I am more of an extrovert than an Introvert.

*Iheme Keneth KelechiIs a 25 year old petroleum engineering student.

*Tony Horsefall– Da 26 year old guy believes his strong point is that he is Analytical.

*Sandra Iwu : trained by her grandparents, da 27 year old professional model who said one of her weak point is trusting too easily disclosed that ‘my Worst fear is being disappointed by myself.

A halin yanzu, Geraldine Obi won the viewers voting choice from the first batch to be among the final contenders for the contest of champion.

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