Monetize Your Websites for Automatic Payments in Nigeria

Monetize Your Websites for Automatic PaymentsWhen you first hear of monetizing your websites for automatic payments in Nigeria, your mind might jump to Google Adsense and other click-to-earn ad programs, but that is a post for another time. With this current post, you are about to learn how you could receive and process payments on your websites globally without consciously or manually processing payments for goods and services in Nigeria. It is enough trouble that Nigerian online businesses cannot sell or pay for goods and services internationally because top payment processors like Paypal, Skrill (formerly Moneybooker) and Amazon Payment among others do not accept Nigerians. This has grossly affected the abilities of Nigerians to make money online, and to also position their websites for international payment services among others, but the situation is now minimized with certain local payment processors providing Nigerians with the ability to sell and make purchases online within Nigeria alone for now.

This means that even though you can’t configure your local websites for international online payments, you could at least configure it for national online payments and go to sleep while your websites process payments and delivery of goods by themselves. How then can you configure, or monetize your website to accept and process payments automatically within Nigeria, and then automatically have the payments deposited into your local bank accounts? It requires that you sign-up or register with Nigerian online payment gateways that ensure the integration of API payment processing widgets into your website to facilitate the automatic payment for goods and services on your websites without your attention in any way. The installed API widget, or payment processor software enables your customers to make electronic payments for services on your site while taking delivery of such services, while you are only notified by your payment gateway company of some payments processed into your local bank accounts.

Which payment gateway can you then use in Nigeria? Well, they are getting many by the day with greater user options, but many of them operate through Interswitch and Etranzact – the two largest payment gateways in Nigeria and often used by Nigerian banks and utility companies like DSTV, PHCN and others to accept and process payments. You can check out these two at agus – but you can hardly register with them directly, unless you go through smaller payment processors to sign-up for a merchant account for your online businesses – this helps you to be able to accept payments on your websites. The following then are some of the payment processors that help you to accept payments and funds on your websites through your installed API widget and merchant account with them:

  1. www.voguepay.comVoguepay is a unique online payment processor whose vision is to offer buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use means of transacting business online.
    VoguePay allows site owners to recieve payment for their goods and services on their website without any setup fee.
  7. ( including mobile payments)

Lastly, ensure that you make diligent enquiries before signing-up with any particular payment processor, and ensure you are okay with their TOS or terms and agreements before going ahead to install their APIs – and you might also require professional help in installing these correctly on your websites for optimum performance.

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2 Comments ar "Monetize Your Websites for Automatic Payments in Nigeria"

  1. babatunde adesanya | iúil 3, 2015 ag 4:18 pm | Freagra

    Hello, thanks for this post of yours.
    I am based in Nigeria and i intend to start an online multivendor store or market place sort of. I ordered for the software in india because of the cost.
    Hoever, i intend to set up an online payment processing solution like eyowo,, voguepay.
    Can you please give me a guide on how to make etranzact, interswithch do this for me.

  2. find this interesting, well done sir

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