3 Steps to Becoming an A+ Student

Becoming A+ StudentGetting good grades in high school or college courses is not always easy. You have to really concentrate on the course material and give yourself time to understand new information, and on top of that you need to make good grades on tests, homework, quizzes and papers. So it can definitely be annoying when the smartest kids in class somehow seem to make all A’s without even trying. What’s their secret? Most of them are really trying! The trick is to know what things to focus on, so you waste no time in getting to the heart of what you need to know to make an A. Read on to find out how all-A students got that way.

1. They Understand When They Know the Material

This is the biggest difference between a student who will ace an exam and a student who will pass an exam. When you are studying the night before an exam, it is really easy to go through a couple practice problems or read back over the sections of the book that you know will be covered and then go to sleep without really checking in with yourself to gauge your level of preparedness. A straight-A student never assumes they are prepared for a test until they understand the material from top to bottom. Try this trick the next time you want to quit studying: Close all your course materials and on a blank sheet of paper write out a list of all the topics that will be on the test. Then explain to yourself what each topic means, how the topics fit together and why they are important. If you can’t get through that much, you aren’t ready.

2. They Have the Details Memorized

Straight A students not only understand the broad concepts and how they fit together, they also have the details down pat. This doesn’t mean that you need to open your textbook and memorize every word. What it does mean is the difference between an A and an A+ on a test is often in the details. If you can add a specific date or fact into an argument you are making on a test essay, those types of answers are better than answers that only include sweeping ideas. Think of it as supporting facts. Oui, you can make an argument without them, but it sounds much more convincing if you can back up your claims.


3. They Know the Secrets to Test-Taking

Just because you understand the information on the test doesn’t mean you are going to do well on the test. This is an unfortunate (and silly) truth in education today. There are tons on incredibly smart students out there who simply have trouble taking tests, and their grades don’t necessarily reflect their level of intelligence or ability to grasp the material. So, you have to figure out what any test you are about to take with “want” from you. Will you need to spout out memorized facts or write intelligent essays? Thos are two very different forms of preparation, so focus on practicing for the style of test you will be taking. Another great tip for test taking is to take a blank sheet of paper with you and, once the test time begins, write down all the facts you have swimming around in your head before you forget them. Then you can focus on the test more easily.

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This guest post is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online courses. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: angelita.williams7 @gmail.com.

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  1. Iretomiwa Bamigbade | Mars 5, 2012 à 11:46 pm | Répondre

    This is helping and timely.
    God bless Angelina.

  2. Weldone Angela,had always have thought on dis bt hv never practice it.thank u so much, frm now hence forth i ‘ll be practicn it always good to be @d Top.

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