Make Money by Teaching Others What You Know

Make Money by Teaching Others What You KnowThis year 2013 is just like any other year, but carries a greater potential for successes because it still stretches out far ahead of you with ample opportunities for you to prepare, analyze and then strike hot – striking gold. You might have tried a couple of business ideas and opportunities in the past year without much leeway for success, but having known what worked and what did not, you are now in a better position to steady yourself again for another buckshot at success. You might need to try something different this time, or apply smart approaches to that same business opportunity you’ve always wanted to do. You may not really need to work harder – only smarter.

What then are the businesses you could try out your hands on in 2013? bone, the bad news is that there is no new business on earth, only new approaches being applied to existing ones to achieve a new modification. But the good news is that if there’s anyone who ought to make it in this year, it is you. Here are a few things you might do:

i. Train people on linguistic skills: You can make a lot of money from training people on what you know. People pay for knowledge in schools, and employers pay for skills derived from knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is money. You have never been rich today because of what you do not know. People are willing and ready to pay and enrich you today because of what you know, and the earlier you monetized this the better. You can train people on language skills and application, for instance teach people on how to speak Hausa, Igbo, French, German and Italian among others. People desire to learn these languages and you set up a language school and make cool money on weekends and on weekdays.

ii. Train people on music skills: People seek where to learn music skills like voice training, and how to play popular musical instruments like the African talking drum, piano/organ, guitar, trumpet and saxophone, drum-sets and flutes/recorders among others. Set up a vibrant music school and teach people how to use and play wind instruments, percussion instruments, string instruments and other kinds of local instruments. You could collect between N5,000-N10,000 per week from your students and if you have 10 students, then you earn between N200,000-N400,000 per month for just 2-3 hour lessons per day or on weekends.

iii. Train people on public speaking and communication skills: People in the world over desire to develop strong public speaking and communication abilities, and you can cut into this market by setting up a platform where people are trained on public speaking and communication skills. Many people don’t know how to appropriately express themselves, and others just lose their nerve on facing a crowd. Just start this and you will soon become a major language and communication specialist like Dale Carnegie and others.

iv. Teach academic subjects: Many people already do this by setting up extra-moral classes for SSCE and JAMB candidates. But you can go further by teaching adults on how to tackle GCE or NECO, or even teach students on TEFL and other international exams like Cambridge A’ Levels among others.

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