Don’t Start A Business Doing What You Don’t Genuinely Enjoy Doing – FlyMyAds CEO

FlyMyAds CEO Q: Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests.
A: Hi my name is Mayowa Anibaba , a graduate of the university of Lagos and web developer .  Wrote my first lines of code back in 1998, was in JSS 3 then and a friend and I decided to VISUAL BASIC cause we wanted to create our own video game lol. I didn’t quite get the game done but I never stopped coding.

Q: How easy was starting up?
A: Forget what you have read, Start ups are HARD there are so many factors that determine the success or otherwise of a startup, I unfortunately learnt the hard way, am currently working on my second start up the first didn’t quite turnout as planned but it taught me a whole lot.

Q: Tell us about your startup FlyMyAds.Com
A: Flymyads is a Nigerian online advertising network designed to make online advertising and online ads publishing accessible and easy to the everyday Nigerian.

We didn’t see the point or reason why anyone would have to through so much stress (getting a verified paypal acc, changing foreign currency) just to get paid for ads published on their sites.

Flymyads was founded by me and two other co-founders (Ayodeji Agboola and McNeil Afegbah).

Q: What were your biggest failures and how did they affect your success?
A: Wow I have had a lot of failures each one major in its own right.

Q: What did you learn from your failures?
A:  I leant that in the end we are only human and thus failing once in a while is inevitable.

Q: What milestones have you achieved so far?
A: Building an online ads network that generates millions of impression, pays relatively high returns to publisher while giving advertisers a good return on investment and still generates income, all in less than six month.

Q: If you are not into web business, what business would you have been doing?
A: If I wasn’t a web developer I would have been a 3d animator, dabbled into 3d animation but had to drop it for my first love programming.

Q: What impact have social media had on you personally and business wise?
A: It’s been good, in the early stages of Flymyads when we were very short on cash (as most bootstrapping start ups usually are) we relied solely on social media networks for publicity and marketing, and we got fairly good results.

Q: Going forward, what should we expect from you and any announcements or upcoming projects?
A: Flymyads has a lot planned for 2012, in the next few weeks we would be rolling out mobile ads on our network amidst lots of other products.

Q: Any final advice for budding entrepreneurs?
A: Yeah don’t start a business doing what you don’t  genuinely enjoy doing, cause some times the only reward you would get is the joy you derived doing it, and lastly be original.


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  1. What is the process of becoming a publisher of flymyads? Thanks.

  2. keep it up guys, good to know we are rivalling and even doing better than Westerners. Kudos!

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