Exkluzivní rozhovor s Desola licence, Mladá plodný umělec

Desola LasisiÚčty: Prosím, řekněte nám něco o sobě, vaše pozadí a zájmy ....
Desola: Jmenuji se licence Adesola Khadijat. I am the first of three kids, hometown Ibadan, Oyo stát, born and grew up in Lagos. I had my primary school education at Abbey Junior Mixed and Infant School, lagos, my secondary at Ad-din International College, Ibadan. I studied Fine and Applied art at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology specialized in Painting and my interests are art, design and photography.

Účty: Jak snadné bylo zakládání?
Desola: Not so easy. I mean you meet a lot of people but thanks to God. I have been holding up.

Účty: Jaké byly vaše největší selhání a jak ovlivňují váš úspěch?
Desola: Biggest failure, not yet, am no perfect but I have been getting through

Účty: Tell us about your startup, Desola’s Gallery
Desola: Desola’s gallery, though still at the infant stage is an art, design and photography outfit that caters for various paintings, and drawings. We also accept commissioned works.

Účty: What inspires you to draw?
Desola: Everything around me.

Účty: Could you show us some of your drawings and tell us the ideas behind them?

Sleeping Baby, Charcoal on Paper, 2011

I love babies because they are so cute so when I saw this sleeping baby. I couldn’t resist I had to draw it

Watching the Moon, Oil on Canvas, 2012

I like watching the moon but I don’t sit on my window. I just wanted to portray that moment in a local environment.

Arewa, Charcoal on Paper, 2012

Arewa, Charcoal on Paper, 2012

First Lady of Ekiti State, Pencil On Paper, 2012

First Lady of Ekiti State, Pencil On Paper, 2012

Portrait, Charcoal on Paper, 2012

Portrait, Charcoal on Paper, 2012, I drew this for a family member

Účty: Co milníky jste dosud dosaženo?
Desola: That would be when I drew the portrait of the first lady of Ekiti state and I am about receiving an award for the Olusegun Obasanjo Premier Library National Art Competition.

Účty: If you are not into art business, Co byste dělali?
Desola: I really can’t imagine doing something else.

Účty: What impact have social media had on you personally and business wise?
Desola: Positive impact, I must say. It helps promote the awareness both personally and business wise.

Účty: Do budoucna, what should we expect from you and any announcements or upcoming projects?
Desola: Expect a lot, God willing.

Účty: Jakékoli závěrečné doporučení pro začínající podnikatele?
Desola: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

Účty: Thanks for granting us this interview, keep on with your good work.
So, to contact Desola for your paintings/drawings jobs, please use the details below;

Phone: 08131561450
Emails: desola3011@yahoo.com, caitlinabidex@yahoo.com
Blog: www.desolalasisi.blogspot.com

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