GUS8 Batch 2: Kelechi got the first axe!

Following a sleepless night under the rain as a result of the poor shelter built with nothing to eat in the jungle, the second batch for the qualifier of the GUS8 Contest of Champion had their first task.

In the task- the first for this batch, the contestants were asked to lift a sack which contain 30% of their body weight by holding on to a triangle (which serve as a pulley) with only one arm. A boundary is provided around their standing point and anyone who steps out of the circle or if the sack touches the demarcation; it is game over.

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Unfortunately for Kelechi during the task, he lost his balance and stepped in and out of the circlea disqualification that kicked him out. Sandra followed suit after struggling to maintain balance with the pulley and assisting her left arm with the other hand.

GUS8 Kelechi

After the first two left, Darey (the instructor) asked the contestant to adjust their position by looking forward with their arm forming a bicep crow (column).

Many struggled to assume this position but they eventually did. After some time, mary wealth gave up, followed by Theodora, kikelomo, Anthony and Goodluck (Mopo).

At this juncture, it remains Christopher, Chigozie and Tony. Chrisleft the game to leave the battle between the two sexes.

Earlier at the camp, this two (Chigozie & Tony) has been joined together by their fellow contestant in a willing matrimony.

In the end, in order not to embarrass her ‘husband’, Chigozie gave up to make Tony Horsefall the winner of the task. This confirmed Tony’s earlier affirmation in an earlier interview after his camp wedding that will he switch places in eviction with his ‘wife’?-he said no.

As a reward for winning, Tony was given some food item which includes stock-fish, garri, yam e.t.c but there was no fire to prepare the meal.

At the place of the talking drum, Kelechi Iheme became the first contestant to get the eviction axe.

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